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An update Transition Trainer Michelle Colussi (also an active member of Transition Victoria in BC):

There are 15 “official” Transition Towns in Canada with many others working toward that goal. Of those who have been declared official, 7 are in BC, 1 is in New Brunswick and 7 are in Ontario; almost 2/3rds are rural communities; 1/3rd are larger urban places. In a recent survey of training needs, most indicated that they were still at early stages of development.  For others, working group formation and development was a big focus. 

photoOur first Transition Town in Peterborough has a Town Crier and publishes the Greenzine – a fabulous Transition Magazine. Across the country in Victoria we have 18 new working groups gearing up for action and we take the shuffle bus out to events. Like you, every one of us has at least one success or great idea we could share.
We love the Transition US webinars and the new Transition Network website that shares project descriptions. We are figuring out new City structures and ways of organizing in collaboration with our US colleagues. We are talking about bio regions that cut across the border between Nelson, BC and Sandpoint, Idaho, and from Seattle WA up through Vancouver Island BC. In small towns and cities alike, in Canada and the US, we are finding ways to be the “glue” amongst many other groups and organizations.  In essence, we share a great deal with our US colleagues, and we hope to be able to strengthen those relationships in the future.  
Canada has just formed a Steering Committee to discuss what a Transition Canada might look like. We have not had our first meeting yet. In July we will host Sophie and Naresh from the Transition Network for our first Training Trainers in Strattford, Ontario. We are moving forward quickly, and slowly, and things are unfolding as they will.  
Photo: Shuffle bus from Transition Victoria. Thanks to Sustainable Ballard and Feetbus, Australia for the inspiration! // on the right: Training for Transition in Vancouver, BC on December 4-5, 2009.  Photo shared by David Johnson.
Thanks Michelle for this update!
Transition Initiatives in Canada so far (view all):
Barrie, ON
Dundas, ON
Guelph, ON
London, ON
Ottawa, ON
Peterborough, ON
Poplar Hill/Coldstream, ON
Cocagne, NB
Nelson, BC
Victoria, BC
Vancouver, BC
Salt Spring Island, BC

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