November Round-up of What's Happening in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

"In Arizona >Members of Sustainable Tucson recently submitted comments on the Rosemont mine being proposed nearby (read them here).  Founding coalition member, Tom Greco gives a presentation on his transformational model of economic change to the International Conference on Sustainability, Transition and Culture Change: Vision, Action, Leadership. Check out his talk below:

In California > members of Transition West Marin took part in the National November 5th Move Your Money Day along with people across the country, moving savings from big banks to local credit unions. Read more about the move here

In Kentucky > The Resilient Household project of Sustainable Berea continues to meet. So far they've had sessions on water wells, solar energy, insulation, bulk food purchasing, forming task-sharing cooperatives, local money systems, tool sharing programs. Sustainable Berea also held a Neighbourhood Food Feast that involved nearly 300 people in 15 potlucks across the city of Berea with the goal of getting people to connect with their neighbors and continue the conversations about developing a local food economy. (see photo the right)

In Michigan > Transition Marquette County member Steve DeGoosh presented at the 2011 International Conference on Sustainability, Transition & Culture Change: Vision, Action, Leadership. At the presentation he talked about permaculture principles linked in Transition, burnout, and coordinating community-level responses. (Photo below)

In New York > Folks in Westchester County are looking into what it would take to kick start a National High School Transition Club for students. If you're interested, contact us.

In Oregon > Transition PDX held it's first in a series discussions on the 3 Strategies of the Portland Plan will address the Economic Prosperity and Affordability strategy.

In Vermont > Transition Montpelier's The Heart of Transition Working Group will host a book discussion on Carolyn Baker's most recent book, Navigating the Coming Turbulence: A Handbook for Inner Transition, and the Transition Vermont EDAP Committee is getting set to meet again on December 8.

In Washington > On October 16, Transition Whatcom achieved the milestone of having their 1000th member join their social networking site! The new member just happened to be Bellingham Mayor Dan Pike, who joined us after participating in their Election Forum on October 14th. He joined several other elected officials who were members of the site.  Transition Whatcom is also now an affiliate of their local book store, Village Books. Now readers can support both a local bookstore and Transition Whatcom while buying buying their favorite books! 

Also captured in the worldwide roundup over at Transition Culture:

From Transition Hickory: Robb Riordan adjusts the faucet where water flows off his roof. Rob and his wife Jacqui can store up to 6000 gallons of rain water in their cisterns.


In the US, Transition Ashland, Massachusetts (nb. there is also a T-Ashland in Oregon) introduced proceedings at a meeting to discuss their vision of a downtown Farmers Market which residents hope to make a reality by spring 2012.   A great article about the emerging Transition Missoula appeared in the Montana Kaimin – The University of Montana’s Independent Campus Newspaper since 1898!   The Riordans helped set up Transition Bermuda and now live in Hickory where they have continued their Sustainable Living Project aka Transition Hickory (see left).

It has also been fascinating over the last month to see the debates and discussions about where Transition and the Occupy movement meet.  In Virginia, an Occupy Staunton rally was organized byTransition Staunton Augusta, the Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice and Virginia Organizing. Unlike a lot of the other Occupy gatherings across the US this group has operated largely with the support and cooperation of city government. Read the full story here in the Augusta Free Press.

Also in the town at another event, Transition Staunton Augusta co-founder Erik Curren led an information session in conjunction with Occupy Staunton and the American Dream Movement titled “How the 1 Percent Crashed the Economy and What We Can Do About It”.   Erik and his wife Lindsay are founders of Transition Voice where this article titled Transitioners debate how to engage Occupy movement was recently posted.  That’s about it for November, see you next month!


On Birthday Celebrations...

And finally, a truly heartfelt thanks to everyone who celebrated Transition US and joined the party on November 18 in Sebastopol, California! There was so much connectivity in the air that several innovative new ideas/projects were generated and remarkable new relationships were formed. What a buzz of possibility! We were able to raise $8,830 with several monthly pledges! We are almost 50% of the way to meeting our $100,000 year end goal with a lot of new unstoppable momentum. 

If you have something that you'd like to include in the next round-up, email us - and as always, you can make this round-up more comprehensive by adding your news as a comment below!

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