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Peak Moment TV began producing videos supporting transition and relocalization in 2005 when they taped Steve Andrews and Richard Heinberg presenting on peak oil. Their recent interview with TUS co-founder Jennifer Gray on "The Transition Movement Comes to America" introduces the transition model in an animated, information-packed half-hour conversation. In between, Peak Moment TV has produced more than 20 presentation DVDs and 150 Peak Moment Conversations, all great presentation tools for community education.

Concerned for the effects of peak oil and in the spirit of "don't reinvent the wheel," creative partners Robyn Mallgren and Janaia Donaldson sought models among grassroots entrepreneurs creating a sustainable future. In summer 2006 they climbed into their Vanagon camper, visited over 20 west coast communities, and taped more than 90 Peak Moment Conversations.

With them, you can tour a suburban permaculture backyard, ride an electric bike, learn about renewables, car-sharing, the waking-up syndrome, and the elephant in the peak oil living room. Peak Moment TV's online Conversation series showcases first-person stories and perspectives for resilient, locally-reliant living in response to economic, energy, and climate challenges. Over 150 programs are at and on dvd. Several groups nationwide sponsor the series on their community access TV stations, which are now downloadable for free.

Peak Moment TV offers more than 20 presentation DVDs to educate individuals and communities on the problems as well as viable responses, including Heinberg's "Peak Everything", five presenters on "Communities Preparing for Energy and Climate Change," and the new Best of Peak Moment sets on Suburban Backyard Gardens and Local Businesses.

The team plans to tape programs beyond the West Coast in the next few years, and invites your suggestions of people, projects, and topics. They hope to meet transitioners, mullers, relocalizers and sustainability kin on the journey.

Contact for wholesale dvd prices, public viewing permission, to sign up for the monthly e-newsletter, offer program suggestions, and to be a contact person for future travels.

Peak Moment Conversations

Sarah Edwards, PhDEcopsychologist Sarah Edwards, PhD, explains stages people often go through when facing the implications of climate change and resource depletion. She outlines various aspects of Denial, Anxiety, Awakening, Despair, Powerlessness and eventual Acceptance. Differentiating these from the normal grief process, Sarah emphasizes how we can face inevitable feelings of grief and free our energy for positive, practical action in our personal and community lives. Read more at HopeDance online or see Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind by Linda Buzzell and Craig Chalquist by Sierra Books.


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