Peak Moment TV highlights from 2009

Our friends at Peak Moment TV have been producing wonderful resources related to relocalization and transition. If you have yet to watch one their many conversation sessions with community leaders on topics related to energy, food, transportation and more, here's great way to kick off the New Year. Peak Moment TV has DVDs that are superb resources for Transition groups to show publicly or have in a shared library. Catch all the Peak Moment TV episodes at

Here an exerpt from the December Peak Moment TV Newsletter.

As autumn arcs into winter, the seasonal contraction seems mirrored by economic and social contractions of a deeper sort. Expansion and contraction are natural rhythms. After three hundred years of material expansion due to fossil fuels, industrial society is now entering a long contraction, marked by oil production plateauing.

This big picture view helps me make sense of so much stunning and sobering news which seems to have accelerated this past year with the economic collapse. We're not in Kansas anymore, and our compassion, generosity, and creative adaptability will be fully needed as we transition towards "scarcity industrialism" (in the words of John Michael Greer, The Ecotechnic Future).

Thanks for watching, supporting, and doing all you do in your own life and community for the good of all.

With gratitude ~ Janaia & Robyn

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2009 Best Sellers

Introduction to Permaculture (2-day class $99)

Cathe' Fish's Introduction to Permaculture workshop packs comprehensive, practical information into two days of lavishly-illustrated slideshows. Land, water harvesting, soil, zones, gardens, food forests, solar greenhouses, buildings, villages. 6 DVD set - $99.

Preparing Traditional Nourishment (5-evening class, $89)

Shan Kendall's five cooking classes on nutrient-dense foods, with bonus Recipes and Resources CD. Lacto-fermented foods, bone stocks, soaked grains, egg dishes, and healthy beverages. 5 DVDs + 1 CD - $89.

Best of Peak Moment (4 conversations each, $20)

Suburban Backyard Gardens: Cultivating Abundance

Transforming Communities Through Local Business


Behind the Scenes

Tapings. As the last days of summer cooled into autumn, we took time out from our gravity-fed water project to tape two farm shows. Our longtime friend Mark Cooper has created an edible landscape on four acres — including a wide variety of animals, plants, pond, solar dryer and his unique automatic chickenhouse-door opener. Read more...

Chris Kerston gave us the grand tour of Chaffin Family Orchards, a third-generation family farm with heritage olives and fruit trees integrated with animals "doing some of the work." Their summer Fruit CSA (community-supported agriculture), a taste highlight of our summer, prompted us to visit the orchard. Read more...

Travel. Work on the mobile studio has taken back seat to our resiliency water project, shoring up income-producing activities, and working on some health issues. Several people have contacted us with potential shows, which we welcome and invite. Our plans to tape shows is solid in our hearts but not yet scheduled.

Think Local. We just joined Grass Valley area's Think Local First 20/20/20 Challenge. The campaign invites us to spend at least $20 of our regular weekly buget at locally-owned independent businesess for 20 weeks, and invite 20 friends to jump on board (that's you). We're already mostly there (e.g., BriarPatch natural food coop, SPD market not Safeway, Walker's not Staples, etc.), but it prods us to look for other opportunities. Take the pledge if you're local, or bring the idea to your community if you're not. Local businesses are a local lifeblood.


Peak Moment TV gettin' out there

Award-winner! "Creating a Home Graywater System" (episode 141) is the winner of the 2009 Western Access Video Excellence (WAVE) Award in the category "Talk Show—Issues, Professional Producer." WAVE is sponsored by The Alliance for Community Media, Western region, to support community-access television show producers.

New — Peak Moment Audios on website. Recent shows on the Peak Moment website include audio files, thanks to

Shows free to your local CATV station. We welcome sponsors for stations in Newburyport, MA, and Duluth, MN. Shows are available for free download by CATV stations on If your station only accepts DVDs, subscriptions start at $100 a year and we'll send you three months free. Four or five friends each donating $2 a month covers a subscription. Info:

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Here is our very own Jennifer Gray, founder of Transition US, in 139 The Transition Movement Comes to America

One response to the global crisis that is gaining enthusiastic momentum is the Transition Towns movement. Jennifer Gray, a pioneer in the Transition Initiative in the UK and cofounder of Transition US, describes it as “a community-led response to the twin crises of peak oil and climate change. It’s … positive, pro-active [and] engages the whole community in building resilience into their world.”

Sharing highlights from The Transition Handbook by founder Rob Hopkins, she elaborates on a flexible twelve-step process to empower community organizers in unleashing the creative genius of their community and building an Energy Descent Action Plan. One innovative aspect is backcasting: envisioning one’s community in 20 years, and then designing steps to get from here to there.

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