Please Contribute Today to the Transition US Permaculture Convergence Scholarship Fund!

A Timely Request from Your Friends at Transition US

Want to support the growth of Transition Towns across the US?

This year's North American Permaculture Convergence and Building Resilient Communities Convergence is right around the corner, and we are calling on our beautiful community of Transition Town organizers to support us in raising the funds necessary to bring Transition community leaders to the event. 

Will you help us by making a contribution to our crowdfunding campaign (and/or sharing this page with your local network)?

The Convergence will be happening at the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, California from September 14-18, with five days of hands-on workshops, movement-building, learning and fun - all in the name of community resilience! 

The NAPC/BRCC will be a wonderful opportunity for us all to build relationships with (and learn from) fellow community-resilience builders across the country, and to share the Transition model with the broader permaculture movement in the US. Our goal is to raise $1,500 to help provide conference scholarships and travel stipends to Transition leaders who would really benefit from attending this event but need extra support to be able to participate.

Conference organizers will match the funds we raise! If you ever felt a desire to give to this movement, or have someone in your network with the means, now is most certainly the time : )

You can learn more about the Convergence at - and please be sure to click through to our Plumfund scholarship page at It is easy to contribute and even easier to share this worthwhile cause with your friends on social media. 

Let's bring Transition and Permaculture to the proverbial 100th Monkey! 

Deep gratitude for your support!

-The Transition US Team

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