REconomy Report Launch: 25 Enterprises that Build Resilience

We’re excited to share with you this new report featuring 25 enterprises from across the US that actually help make communities more resilient (rather than extracting wealth and resources), based on Transition Network’s REconomy framework for resilience-building enterprises!

From innovative ecological and social justice-oriented farms and food hubs to small-scale energy companies, from bicycle-powered delivery services to alternative strategies for providing affordable housing, these business models will inspire you to reimagine and transform your local economy. In addition to the 25 enterprises—nominated by Transitioners and community resilience-builders across the country and reviewed by a team of experts—the report is full of additional resources to help you deepen your knowledge of local economic transformation and give you the tools to get started. Enjoy!

Download the report here.

REconomy Cohort: Catalyzing Local Economic Transformation

Also, beginning in November 2016, we’re launching a REconomy Cohort to support local Transition Initiatives and other community resilience projects that are ready to begin local economic transformation. If you’re looking to start a local economy awareness-raising project, a resilience-building business, an economic enabler or economic evaluation, or other REconomy-related endeavor, we can probably help you! Learn more & apply.

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