Save a drop, save gallons, and save money too! Choose this smart perk (or select from loads of others) while making Transition Streets (a carbon-reduction, water-saving, community-building project) a reality in your city or town. 

Support Transition Streets in changing household behavior and knitting neighbors together - AND get great perks in the process. We have 21 more days to raise the initial $8,000 national launch money needed. We're 67% of the way and with a boost from you, we'll make it.

Please spread this campaign! Success depends on how widely it gets promoted. 

Thank you for bringing Transition Streets to a neighborhood near you!

You can read m
ore on Transition Streets here!

Remember - If you are part of a Transition group that is planning to launch Transition Streets - make sure to mention that in the campaign comments. 50% of your donations will support your local effort / 50% for the national roll-out!






Transition Streets Crowdfunding Campaign Video


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