September Round-up of What's Happening in the World of Transition - US Edition

Building on the monthly "Roundup of What's Happening in the World of Transiton" pulled together over at Transition Culture, here are some highlights of what's keeping Transition Initiatives busy across the US...

In Arizona > East Valley Transition, a newly formed muller group in East Phoenix, hosted a public screening of 'In Transition 1.0' at the Changing Hands Bookstore on August 26. Nayeema Eusuf writes, "The threads of an engaging discussion that followed were picked up again during the September general meeting. 'Sustainability, Resilience and Transition - what's in a name?' on September 19 addressed the terminology that are commonly used but with which many people are not familiar. The Fall Seed swap on August 19, held at Chandler Sunset Public Library, was a big success! Over 30 people attended and the tables were covered with seeds. Everyone enjoyed sharing garden tips and meeting new friends. We will continue to meet every month." 

In Florida > Transition Sarasota's Suncoast Gleaning Project reached their goal of raising $999 to expand the project. Congrats to them! The project aims to harvest left-over produce from local farms for those most in need. Transition Sarasota founder and Executive Director Don Hall was also on the Nilon Report on WSRQ Radio to talk about Transition Sarasota's Local Food Campaign: Check out the recording here.

In Idaho > Sandpoint Transition Initiative is organizing a free selff-guided Green Home Tour 2011 to explore a "new understanding of the importance of sustainable construction practices has infused the industry with innovations in health, comfort, efficiency, materials, energy systems, and integrated building systems."

In Kentucky > Sustainable Berea is organizing a series of Neighbourhood Food Feasts (NFFs) to convene discussion around the question of "How can we develop a local food system and what might it look like?" Inputs from all the NFFs will be compiled in a report and forwarded to city council and other government officials. The report will also be posted on the Sustainable Berea website to promote on-going conversation. In addition to the Neighbourhood Food Feasts, they've also got a Solar Tour 2011 planned and their Resilient Household Project group continues to meet.

In Michigan > Transition Ann Arbor is hosting a Mend Your Clothes night led by member Laura Smith and Donna Estabrook who writes, "I learned my homemaking skills from my mother and my aunt. Their mother, who married in 1909, did just about everything "from scratch." She made clothing for herself, my grandfather and her 5 children. She had a yeast culture going constantly for making bread. She cooked on a wood stove. On and on. I have inherited, through my mother and aunt, some of these skills. Basic hand sewing is an extremely useful skill. It can save you money and is also satisfying to be able to mend that dress or shirt and wear it again. Not for women only!"   

In Pennsylvania > Transition Lancaster posted the update above on facebook at we thought we'd share it as it because we think it's great. Members have also been participating in the Tar Sands Action, raising over $700 to support local residents to join the rally and make a stand. Jerry Lee Miller, a retired pastor and member of the Transition Lancaster Initiating Group was arrested at the Tar Sands / Keystone XL civil disobedience in Washington, DC. This news article tells more of the story.

Tar Sands Action - Washinton, DC - Photo credit: Josh Lopez/flickr (more photos)

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, PA, Transition PGH organized a premiere of the film, YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip), which features several Transition Initiatives! Their first screening filled to capacity so they organized a second screening for the next day. Watch a trailer of the film below + learn about hosting a screening.


In Texas > The Transition Houston Energy Action Group is hosting a special presentation about home energy audits and thermal imaging technology. The Clear Lake Transition Community celebrated their first year with a film and party on August 20th. One of the central tenents of the Transition movement is to celebrate successes, and the CLTC has much to celebrate! They are justifiably proud of their accomplishments over the past year and looking forward to building a resilient and sustainable future in the Houston Bay Area. Read their birthday speech here.

RadioIn Washington > Sustainable NE Seattle is taking part in an Emergency Communication Hub Drill - About the Hub: "The Emergency Communications Hub will NOT have supplies or provisions immediately following a serious emergency or disaster but it will facilitate local information sharing and serve as a gateway through which the neighborhood can communicate with the rest of the world." This is a great example of a project that can help weave those connections that enable neighbourhoods to become more robust and resilient in the case of emergency.



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Moving Planet:
A day to move beyond fossil fuels

Transition Initiatives across the country mobilized for this global day of action.

Check out what they planned >>

Transition WaylandMoving Planet



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