A Look at Transition Cities

While the Transition model is being used in communities of all shapes and sizes, rural and urban, it takes a slightly different tune each time, adapted to the settings of that particular local. In larger urban areas, and given the dense and resource intensive aspects of cities, organizers are thinking hard about how best to develop resilient local communities across a diverse geographic space.

Host Tamara Banks of Colorado Public Television Studio 12 takes a look at the Transition Cities movement that is working for a way of life that is environmentally friendly, supports the local economy and conserves natural resources. Joining the discussion are some familiar faces to the Transition communitiy, Michael Brownlee of Transition Colorado, David Greenwald from Transition Louisville, Chef Ann Cooper of Renegade Lunch Lady and Shannon Francis, an indigenous permaculturist from the Woodbine Ecology Center. 

Watch the full episode. See more Studio 12.
Published Aug 19 2010 by Colorado Public Television Studio 12

Originally posted here (and cross-posted to Energy Bulletin).

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