Sustainable NE Seattle receives local "Hero Award"

A quick update from Sustainable NE Seattle:

In May, Sustainable NE Seattle was recognized by the local Wedgwood Community Council with their annual "Hero Award." The declaration stated:

In the past year, Sustainable NE Seattle has provided an excellent means for northeast Seattle residents who share a commitment to an ecologically and socially sustainable future to build community and work together at the local level.

In the spirit of celebrating our success and promoting fun, we marked our one-year anniversary by hosting a general meeting that consisted of a potluck and party. No heavy topics, no movies, just food and conversation! We plastered the walls with our posters, flip charts and other memorabilia from previous events.

Sustainable NE Seattle

Photo shared by Leo Brodie. [see all Transition US photos]


Finally, we posted the second installment of "Lawn Gone," our YouTube series about converting a front lawn into a food garden.


Read more about the Urban Farmer of Sustainable NE Seattle and connect with the group here.

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