Training for Transition in Sautee, Georgia

On November 5th and 6th, Transition Sautee, Georgia, held a T4T that was attended by 20 people. The trainers were Don Hall (Transition Sarasota) and Karen Lanphear (Transition Sandpoint). It was, by all accounts, a very good training, as shown by the evaluations, in which 17 of the 20 rated the overall training as excellent and the other 3 as good.

We were joined by a beautiful baby (Lauren) and a wonderful dog (Annie), and I'd highly suggest allowing the presence of both at any training, as it made us highly aware of just what we're working for. We provided healthy local food, prepared by our food group, which was a big hit with the attendees, and included salad with over 30 types of local greens! (see photos)




One of the participants, Feather, was particularly eloquent about the training, so I'll pass some of his words along:

 The first thing that impressed me about the T4T training was the environment that was created, it was very casual. This may not seem like a training class environment, but what I saw was how everyone seemed to be at ease from the beginning. This resulted in heartfelt participation with great enthusiasm and a good dose of humor.


I was also very impressed with the participatory exercises we did. Small groups with a challenge and timeline, ending with a presentation to the whole group. Two things stuck out. First is how a small amount of structure, applied at the right time, actually captured that energy, the excitement of the moment had somewhere to go, something to do. Second is how well we all did at this. I was amazed at how productive these sessions were. We used cues that were somewhat hypothetical, but it is easy to see that the Process is what works and plugging in real situations would be easy.

And from our trainers: Don Hall said

"What a great group of folks! The intelligence and imagination of the attendees was truly amazing. I look for great things to come from Transition in Georgia". Karen Lanphear said "The mix of ages and backgrounds provided a wealth of different ideas and experiences. It was just one of the magical moments in time when everyone is open to learning."

A magical time indeed. Thanks to Transition US for their help and advice.

Don Porterfield
Transition Sautee


Ed. Thanks to Don and all of the organizers and TUS Trainers who made this training possible!

Photos thanks to Don Hall and Amelia Poole

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