In Transition 2.0 movie launches!

There’s a buzz building around the new In Transition 2.0 movie! With the North American version (NTSC for US & CAN DVD players) in production now, we wanted to highlight the enthusiastic responses  this movie is getting! The NTSC version is available through Transition US, and you can order your copy now. You'll receive your order as soon as they're ready!

One excellent review of the movie comes from Caspar Walsh writing for Positive News.

Quoting the article:
“There has been a remarkable evolution in the Transition movement over the last four years, since the first film, In Transition 1.0, was released. In Transition 2.0 has a much deeper emotional thread running through and on several occasions I was moved to tears.
“The first film was a more straightforward look at how to set up a group, such as a food or energy group,” says director Emma Goude, but since that film’s release in 2008, the movement has evolved significantly.” (read the review)
Residents of Wayland, MA were treated to a preview of the film in February. We posted the review from the Wicked Wayland paper here, but it’s worth highlighting the giddy responses from the moviegoers it quotes:
The movie lives up to Transition’s greatest promise, to respond to uncertain times with solutions and optimism, and in a world awash with gloom, to tell a story of hope, ingenuity and people power.
The reactions from the audience affirmed this.
“Most environmental movies are about like the end of the world is coming, or this is why,” said Sarah from Framingham, “but not really what we’re going to do about it. And this is more of ‘we’ve got this,’ ‘we can do this,’ and it is very motivating. It brings back the hope.”
Katy from Wayland agreed, “My problem now is I want to go with all these projects, right now!” (read the review)
But there’s nothing better than seeing the happy faces of the people who attended that screening! The In Transition team captured interviewees on tape and shared it on their site.
Order your In Transition 2.0 dvd here (North American NTSC version)
Visit the In Transition 2.0 website.

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