Transition Anderson: Community Projects

by Debra Weber, on behalf of Transition Anderson

Transition Anderson is the 43rd Official Transition in the US and the first in Ohio. Anderson is a township of 43,500 neighbors. It is nestled in the rolling hills of Greater Cincinnati with the Ohio River on its southern border.

For several years Anderson Township has been making strides to preserve green space, create bike/walking paths, build sidewalks to connect neighbors and local businesses and by offering park and ride facilities and a farmers’ market. In addition, several local churches have started community gardens.

Transition Anderson is building on these and other community projects that our township and surrounding area have to offer. Here’s what we’ve been up to and have planned for the coming months:

  • We have had two public meetings, each including an aspect of Open Space.
  • Public meetings are held every other month with movies/discussions held on the off months.
  • A letter of intent was submitted to have a representative of Transition Anderson serve on the Anderson Township Comprehensive Plan committee. This could be an opportunity for a future Energy Descent Plan.
  • Several Transition Anderson members are reaching out to “mulling-it-over” initiatives in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Transition Anderson has five active working groups:

  1. Our Education group is working with our public library to show short films/TED talks followed by discussion. Open Space forums will also be offered.
  2. Our Local Economy/Currency Group is creating a ”skills” data base for members who want to learn new skills and for those who want to barter.
  3. Our Local Food/Health & Well Being Group has members who are active in community gardens, farmers’ markets and CSAs. Films focusing on food will be shown during the upcoming winter months.
  4. Our Administration & Support Group is connecting our working groups and individual members through a website and monthly newsletter. They have designed a membership data base and mission & objectives.
  5. Our Anderson Comprehensive Plan Group works to bring awareness to Transition Anderson members regarding public meetings, debates, development plans, etc. They are actively seeking a place at the table regarding the review of Anderson Township’s five-year plan and are looking for additional opportunities to bring new ideas to community leaders.

Transition Anderson is honored to be a part of the national and international Transition Movement. Many thanks to Transition US for their invaluable support. We look forward to working with other Initiatives in the future.

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