Transition Cadillac Area's 100 Food Garden Challenge Kick-Off

Here's a recap of Transition Cadillac's kickoff meeting for their upcoming 100 Garden Challenge for 2012, thanks to Rachel Whiteman.

[Cadillac, Michigan]  On a snowy night in January, it was somewhat surprising  to feel such a buzz in the air about gardening!  Despite a generous fall of Lake Effect snow, there was a great turn-out of members of the community to the 100 Garden Challenge Kick-Off Meeting, willing to give their time and energy to this worthwhile project. We are challenging the residents of Cadillac and beyond to create 100 new food gardens in 2012. 
Why gardening? One reason strongly felt by the group, is to avoid the chemicals in foods that are used in much of the agricultural production in this country. Sustainability is another big issue that was discussed. Gardening, as part of a move towards local food solutions, obviously has the benefit of reducing food miles, and the associated consumption of fossil fuels. 
Many ideas were flowing. Seed saving and seed sharing were high on the agenda. There was much enthusiasm for holding gardening skills workshops and demonstration projects, as well as learning how to preserve the foods produced during Northern Michigan's short growing season.
The meeting drew together a fantastic collection of skills and knowledge, including a wealth of gardening experience, sustainable farming practices, knowledge of permaculture, and involvement in local community gardens.
Four teams were set up, to address the following areas: outreach and promotion, materials and logistics, model projects, and coordinating of volunteers. Each team broke off to brainstorm ideas and then presented them to the group. 
The whole atmosphere was very appropriate to the spirit of Transition: one of community involvement. And many more community members who were unable to attend, have expressed an interest in getting involved.
Thanks to Rachel Whiteman for the update and photos!

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