Transition Cheltenham's Launch Party!

Transition Cheltenham Launch Party A Rousing Success by Beverly Milestone Maisey

On Sunday March 13, 2011, Transition Cheltenham in Pennsylvania kicked off its status as the 78th official Transition Town in the US (see the map of initiatives) with a fun-filled potluck bash.

Attendees from all over the township, as well as from as far away as Vermont, brought dishes to share, listened to music and learned about the transition movement.

The movement began in Ireland in 2005 and asks participants to envision their towns post-fossil fuels with a focus on localization. Since that time, it has spread throughout the world with more than 700 towns and counting.


Photos: (left) Transition Cheltenham holds a “Gathering of the Genius” where sustainability practicioners from all over the area were gathered for their wisdom. (right) After the Locavore Banquet, featuring all local foods, a pleasant evening with local musicians.


Transition Cheltenham Initiating Team member Bill Mettler introduced the concept of the Transition towns. “It’s all about powering down, getting off our fossil fuel addiction and following our passion to create a sustainable, resilient community.” In addition to the food, music and fun, there were tables for each of the Action Groups that make up Transition Cheltenham.

Transition Cheltenham

The ten Action Groups represented at the banquet were:

  • Arts & Artisans
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Gardens & Greenspace
  • Government
  • Health
  • Heart & Soul
  • Transit & Trails
  • and Zero Waste & Recycling

The guests visited the tables learned what each group has already accomplished and what they are in the process of developing. For example, everyone at the Health table was taught the first several movements of Golden Breath Tai Chi because Transition Cheltenham offers classes. At the Local Government table, they could sign up for information about the Marcellus Shale, or about our local on-line newspaper, Citizens Call. At the Economy table, they learned about local currency and found out that a local time bank is getting off the ground here in Cheltenham township. Each table also featured a sign-up board for suggestions as to where to go from here.

The groups will be meeting to work on projects and on a vision of what Cheltenham might look like in the future, with less dependence on fossil fuels and an energized community working together on all things sustainable.

Photo: The Transition Cheltenham Initiating Group


Thanks again to Beverly Milestone Maisey for this article - Congrats Transition Cheltenham!

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