Transition Culver City's 10/10/10 Community Think Tank

The California State Senate recently voted against banning single-use plastic bags in California (SB1998). Yet the problem of plastic bag pollution remains.

Transition Culver City facilitated a community conversation to gather information and work toward a solution to the plastic bag dilemma. This lively discussion forum for thinking collectively about local solutions for our pollution, waste, oil dependency and ailing watershed had 50 participants, including several children who helped to create a temporary art installation out of plastic bags.

Participants were urged to bring used single-use grocery bags for the art piece, in exchange for hand-made re-usable bags.

Community-generated solutions included:

  • proposing a Culver City municipal plastic bag ban
  • initiating a "buy-cott" or "carrot mob" to motivate businesses to discontinue offering single-use plastic bags
  • following Ireland's "Plas-Tax" model
  • replacing plastics with biodegradable materials
  • reducing consumption altogether
  • starting campaign to eliminate plastic bags from our local Farmer's Market
  • putting pressure on mega-companies such as Wal-Mart to stop using plastic bags

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