Transition Culver City: Full of Gratitude and Excited for the Future

Transition Initiatives have had a busy year organizing all kinds of events and linking up with some amazing organizations to bring to live an array of collaborative projects. Nearing the end of this calendar year, it's nice to sit back and reflect on the year's accomplishments and learnings.

Here's a great example of a year-end recap from Transition Culver City in California, part of the Transition Los Angeles Hub.


10/10/10 Community Think Tank: The Plastic Bag Challenge - at Culver City Hall - photo by Karim Sahli


Dear Transition Culver City friends, 

Transition Culver City has been an exciting hub of change, enthusiasm, transformation and inspiration since its formation in March of 2009. We have certainly been busy and would like to express our deep thanks to all of who  have participated in our workshops, trainings, films, discussions and celebrations.  

This is what we've been up to in 2010: 

  • Sense of Place: Does Culver City Have It?;
  • Water Use in California: How Ocean Friendly Gardens Conserve this Precious Resource;
  • Connecting Community and Environment: Our Ballona Creek Context;
  • Connecting With Places Along Ballona Creek: A Bicycle Tour;
  • Local Food: What Is It? Panel Discussion; 
  • Urban Regenerative Design and Permaculture Practicum;
  • "In Transition" Film Screening;
  • "Dive" Film Screening;
  • Talking Stick;
    Plant-a-Seed activity at Fiesta La Ballona and Homegrown Culver City;
  • Repurposing Old Clothes;
  • 10/10/10 Plastic Bag Challenge: Community Think Tank <>;
  • Chickens Of Gratitude: Chicken Run Party. 

My favorite event of the year was Chickens of Gratitude, where we built a  chicken coop & run in a Culver City garden, with participants of all ages,  live music, a delicious potluck and 2 beautiful rescue chickens! The event  that garnered the most media attention was the 10/10/10 Plastic Bag  Challenge, with There's good news on the plastic bag front: on  November 16th, L.A. County Board of Supervisors banned plastic bags in the  unincorporated areas of Los Angeles and is paving the way for incorporated  municipalities like Culver City to do the same.

We are grateful for our partnership with Our Timebank, are thrilled that Culver City passed its very first Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, and welcome the newly-formed Culver City Bicycle Coalition.

Looking Forward: 
In 2011, we are excited to launch our "Grass Uproots Campaign" to transform  our lawn culture into beautiful, habitat-friendly, sustainable living  gardens. We will be working with our local Farmers Market on a "Make your  own produce bag" event, and more.

Enjoy the winter and best wishes for a Happy New Year! 

- from the Transition Culver City Team 


[Ed. If you have received donations or in-kind gifts, sending a year-end recap and message of thanks to all of your supporters is a great way to acklowledge and celebrate the community coming together over the course of the year and help to continue building those relationships.]

10/10/10 Community Think Tank: The Plastic Bag Challenge - at Culver City Hall - photo by Jonathan Levy
Chickens potluck
Transition Culver City: Chickens of Gratitude Pot Luck party // Photo by Michelle Weiner
Plant-a-Seed activity at Fiesta La Ballona - August 2010 - photo by Meghan Sahli-Wells



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