Transition Fidalgo & Friends in the 4th of July Parade

In Fidalgo, Washington, Transition Fidalgo & Friends took part centre stage in the 4th of July Parade, which started in the morning to kick off a larger celebration at the local park with Evelyn Adams, organizer of Transition Fidalgo & Friends as the Grand Marshall of the parade. Asked how it all came about, she wrote, "A couple of weeks before the 4th a message was left on my machine from the Anacortes Women of Today. To say I was shocked is an understatement."

"I asked if Transition Fidalgo & Friends folks could walk behind me in the parade. 25 folks carried signs, rode bikes, pushed non-gas mowers.  One was dressed as a solar panel, another carried a "wind-mobile." Two folks formed a walking clothesline and 2 formed a bus.  One fellow walked with a lush variety of veggies sprouting out of his backpack.  2 people carried our TF&F banner at the head of the group."

Evelyn was askedto give a speech at the event too, which was printed later in the local paper. Reflecting on Transition and the idea of celebrating our interdependence, she wrote, "one of things I alluded to in my talk was that we are more powerful than we realize because we exist in an intricate network in which our actions, perhaps even our thoughts, have an impact on those around us and far beyond. Every choice we make has consequences and with that comes the responsibility to choose wisely.

"For me the whole day was surreal.  It was memorable (unprecedented) just to have an "environmentalist" asked to lead the parade! A highlight was being able to talk to a whole new group of folks in the community and that was my main reason for agreeing to be Grand Marshal.  Simply parading myself down the ave was not in my comfort zone. But being able to reach out to a wider community was an opportunity too good to pass up. It was special to have people I didn't know come up later and shake my hand."


Locally, Transition Fidalgo & Friends joins Transition WhidbeyTransition Whatcom, and Chuckanut Transition, working to empower life beyond fossil fuels in the Pacific Northwest.


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