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Here's an excerpt from an article by Alastair Bland featuring Transition Santa Cruz, the 6th Official US Transition Inititiative, "Santa Cruz Group Gears Up for Life After Cheap Oil," published Thurs. June 18, 2009:

“Peak oil” is a familiar catch phrase, though the gravity of its truest meaning still eludes much of the populace. In theory it represents the end of modern society as we know it, a scenario in which global oil production has peaked and every barrel of crude oil drawn from the earth is more difficult to extract than the one before it. According to this theory, the time is approaching when the effort and cost of oil extraction will no longer be worth the oil itself, leaving humanity without the fuel to power our transportation, factories and farms—and disrupting the very essence of our oil-dependent lives.

But Transition Santa Cruz and its several hundred members firmly believe that, although dramatic change may be in the works, we can prepare for it if we reorganize the way we live. The organization was born last summer as just one localized faction of the worldwide Transition movement, which first began in 2007 in Totnes, England. It was there that one Rob Hopkins recognized that the modern world will not be able to continue on its current trajectory when fast, easy access to oil peaks and begins to dwindle—or when global warming and economic meltdown, the other two drivers of the Transition movement, become inescapable realities.

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Members of Transition Santa Cruz want to keep food production close to home. (Photo by Jenn Ireland)

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