Transition Stories to Help You Spread Holiday Cheer

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” -David Viscott

In this season of gathering with colleagues, friends, and family, conversation can turn to current events and the future of our planet.

Here are a few Transition stories you can share to help spread cheer (instead of despair):

Transition Pasadena's Repair Café

Transition Pasadena, California’s Repair Café brings together “fixers” and community members to repair used and broken items. The project has saved more than 1800 items—from toasters to vacuums—from going to the landfill, but the greatest impact is the sense of community being built along the way. The Repair Café was featured in the LA Times and in Rob Hopkins’ newest book, 21 Stories of Transition.

“I was deeply disturbed and sad about the state of the natural world and society. Getting involved with Transition Pasadena has meant going from despair to community and being able to follow a passion and get help with it. It changed my relationship to the problems.” Laurel Beck, Transition Pasadena (from 21 Stories of Transition)

Transition Streets - Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

Transition Streets brings neighbors together to learn how to save energy, water, and money; reduce waste; and build social cohesion that will help neighbors “weather the storm” in times of emergency. Transition Streets is taking root in dozens of neighborhoods across the US—from Bozeman, MT to Charlottesville, VA—and was featured as an alternative to “drought-shaming” by a local PBS affiliate.

Transition Mankato Responds to Extreme Winter Weather

In response to the State of Emergency issued because of extreme weather and high fuel prices during the winter 2013-2014 “polar vortex,” Transition Mankato, Minnesota hosted a DIY Solar Air Collector Workshop teaching more than 100 participants—many from surrounding rural areas—how to make an inexpensive, renewable heating source for their homes.

Rainwater Harvesting in São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil is a city of 20 million facing a severe drought and water crisis. Two Transition groups from very different neighborhoods—Brasilândia, a favela (or slum), and Granja Viana, a middle-upper class community—came together to teach residents how to build their own water catchment and filtration systems.

For many more stories, visit the Transition US newsletter archives!

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Happy Holidays,

Carolyne, Marissa, Nils & the TUS Team

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