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Pre-Gathering Intensives

The event kicks off on Thursday, July 27, with two days of intensive workshops digging deep into some of the critical areas of Transition: permaculture intensives, effectively launching new groups, the work of Inner Transition. PLEASE NOTE: tickets to the intensive workshops are an additional fee, and will be sold separately from the tickets to the main gathering. 

Tickets for the intensives are available at:  See below too for links to venue and logistics and to our scholarship / work trade application form. 

Thursday Evening Pre-Event Film Screening

On Thursday evening participants will join with community members to view the award-winning French film TOMORROW”, an upbeat environmental documentary directed and narrated (in English) by actress Melanie Laurent (inglorious Basterds) and activist Cyril Dion.

In their journey to find some of the most inspiring initiatives, they’ve spent a great time filming The Transition movement. See the reviews in the New York Times and the LA Times.

The film shows how bottom-up community action can have a meaningful impact by offering constructive solutions to act on a local level. So far, no other documentary has gone down this road...  (Now a book is available too - see below for more details).

TOMORROWis a powerful tool to educate and engage your community. Watch Trailer Here


Tickets are available for the film screening only.

The Main Gathering 

The main gathering begins Friday evening, July 28, with keynote speaker and Post Carbon Institute Senior Fellow, Richard Heinberg. A journalist and educator who has written extensively on energy, economics, and ecological issues, Heinberg has played a key role in communicating the need for transitioning to a new way of living and doing business.

Richard's presentation entitled "Transition in the Age of Denial" will be on the species survival-level problem (the need to transition society away from its reliance on depleting, climate-changing fossil fuels) which national officials not only deny but are determined to make it harder to solve. Political resistance is one path forward, but is unlikely to succeed soon. Another essential response: local, grassroots action to build resilience. The best transition work is already being done at the community level, and it is at the community level where those affected by policy have the greatest ability to shape it. It’s also where it may still be possible to work around political stereotypes to identify common values.

Tickets are available for this event only, for the entire conference, or for a single day. 

The Main Gathering

Saturday and Sunday feature a powerful line-up of more than 40 concurrent workshops, with ample networking opportunities designed to broaden, deepen, and scale up our movement. Saturday evening features a keynote speaker and spoken word and music performance that will touch your heart and bring you to your feet. Below is a list of the confirmed workshops (more detail and schedule to follow shortly).

Zone 0: Growing Resilient People: Inner Transition/Inner Permaculture, personal resilience, and more!

  • "Ongoing Self-Care Grows Roots for Ongoing Transitioning" by Kaia Svien

  • "Inner Resiliency for Health, Happiness and Inspired Action" by Trathen Heckman

  • "Deep Growth with an Eye on Zone 0" by Lea Hall

  • "Varied Paths to Support Movement Through Climate Grief" by Ranae Hanson

  • "Understanding Human Needs - A Key To Successful Transition" by Tom Jablonski

  • “Sacred Activism and Self-Care as Catalysts for Positive Change ” by Jul Bystrova


Zone 1: Growing Resilient Households: Reskilling, homesteading, and so much more!

  • "Meet the Sustain-A-Raiser Starter Kit" by Josh Arnold

  • "Making Sense of Place" by Dr. Charlie Brennan

  • "Growing a Food Forest at Home" by Russ Henry

  • "Community Resilience IS Emergency Preparedness" by Lesley Moore and Nils Palsson

  • "Transform Your Neighborhood with Transition Streets" with Transition Streets practitioners, and hosted by Carolyne Stayton


Zone 2: Growing Strong Groups: Group dynamics, Transition lessons learned, effective models, engaging the media, and changing behaviors!

  • "Best Practices for Group Council" by Theo Talcott

  • "Skills for Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution" by Clayton Horsey

  • "How to Get Media Attention for Your Community Project" by Tom Llewellyn

  • "Effective Models for Increased Inspiration, Impact and FUNding" by Trathen Heckman

  • "Transition Town Media and Transition Sarasota: Lessons Learned in Being Effective" by Martin Pepper and Don Hall

  • "The Psychology of Sustainability: Motivating Voluntary Behavior Change" by Christie Manning


Zone 3: Growing Effective Partnerships & Networks: Effective partnerships, partnering with local & state government, regional organizing, and more!

  • "Collaborating with People of Faith" by Ruah Swennerfelt

  • "Developing Transformational Leadership in Transactual Systems" by Fred Brown

  • "Building Vital Zero Carbon Cities: Local Success Stories of Youth and Adult Teams Partnering with their City Councils" by Sean Gosiewski

  • "Food Access and Resiliency: Building a Vision with Local Governments" by Nadja Berneche

  • "Building Local and Statewide Partnerships for Climate Resilience and Sustainability" by Dan Fatton, Paul Moss, Laura Millberg, and Philipp Muessig

  • "Using Local Elections to Transition" by David Cobb


Zone 4: Growing Successful Projects and Campaigns: Intro to Transition, successful projects, community organizing, sharing/new economy, strategies for inclusion, etc.

  • "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" by Tom Llewellyn

  • "Democratizing Capital and Investing in Things that Matter" by Joe Riemann and Jan Joannides

  • "Igniting the Local Food Revolution" by Michael Brownlee

  • "How (and Why) to Start a FreeStore in Your Town" by Julie DiRemigio and Dawn Wesley

  • “Community-Powered Energy: Local, Renewable, Carbon-Neutral” by Lawrence Jaffe, Sari Steuber & Timothy DenHerder-Thomas

  • "Building a Master Plan (EDAP) for Community Resilience" by Bill Sharpe


Zone 5: Growing an Unstoppable Movement: Rebuilding the commons, community rights, resilience and resistance, reclaiming our economy, etc.

  • "Global Transition Movement" by Transition Leaders from Five Countries,” Confirmed: Tanja Aertebjerg (Denmark), Isabela Maria Gomez de Menezes (Brazil), Nenad Maljkovic (Croatia).

  • “A Permaculture Primer,” by William Faith

  • "Plans A, B, and C: Three Visions for the Future," by Erik Lindberg

  • "Transition's Wider Vision - David Fleming and 'Surviving the Future'" by Shaun Chamberlin


Tickets are available NOW! 

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