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What's Happening in Transition
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Art of Hosting

Art of Participatory Leadership training Nov 6-8 in Olympia, WA. Scholarships available for Transition leaders. Visit the website or contact

Catalyst Project

"Dismantling Racism in Our Communities: Building Collaboration for Resilience"
November 8, San Francisco


Transition LAUNCH

Transition LAUNCH is an in-depth experiential introduction to the ideas, process and practices that have inspired tens of thousands of people and catalyzed a global Transition network.

Effective Groups 

The Art of Hosting     
Effective Groups is a dynamic and engaging 2-day skills-building training for individuals and teams which covers key skills for collaboration. Read more...

Learn about hosting a training>>



Featured Media

Voices of Transition

Participate in the international launch of "Voices of Transition" by screening in your community. Website

Re-thinking our Monetary System: Bay Bucks and the New Economy

Bay Bucks co-founders discuss the new currency they are creating, and how it can serve as a new operating system for a new economy.

Seeing Systems: Northwest Earth Institute's Model for Community Building and Transformative Learning

Teleseminar recording ‘taster’ session of NWEI’s newest discussion course, Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability


Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis
Conference + launch of the International Alliance for Localization
November 8, New York City



Weaving the Community Resilience and New Economy Movement

New report based on a series of interviews and conversations with dozens of leaders across the country, including Carolyne Stayton (Transition US) and Chuck Collins (Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition).

Post Carbon Institute Update

Transition US Partner | Visit for more articles, reports and news

Post Carbon Institute just released a new groundbreaking report, "Drilling Deeper," making the case that US shale oil and gas reserves will peak and drop off rapidly, long before officially predicted by the US Energy Information Agency.


What's Happening in Transition...

Transition Streets Sneak Peak!
Transition Streets is coming soon! Join our TeleSeminar on Thursday 10/30 @ 11am PST or check out the resource page to learn more.

Can We Earn a Living on a Living Planet?
Chuck Collins seeks common ground between labor and environmental movements in this article in
The American Prospect.

Naomi Klein & Inner Transition
Interview with author of "This Changes Everything" on the role of popular education, fear-based messaging, and Inner Transition.

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  Transition in Action

An Orchard Grows in Boston How a vacant, garbage-strewn lot in  became a community orchard and beacon of peace. 

Reskilling as Mastery of Appropriate Technology From canning to bee keeping and natural building to bicycle repair, the reskilling revolution is alive and well in Transition.

Transition Sarasota's Foodtrepreneur Showcase
TS kicks off Eat Local Week with Michael Shuman, homegrown music, and a celebration of local food entrepreneurs.

Inner Transition: Commit to Staying Awake
Reflections from the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) in the aftermath of the People's Climate March.

Visioning a Positive Future with Transition Asheville Transition Asheville, North Carolina celebrated its fifth anniversary with a guided visioning exercise (recording linked to in this article). You can also listen to a recent radio show with TA organizers.


Interested in starting an Initiative?
Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative!


Webinars & Online Events


The Maturation of a Social Movement: A Regional Response to a Critique of the Transition Movement
Thursday, November 6
11:00am PST/2:00pm EST

Join us for the first in a 2-part overview of the topics that will be covered in a 2015 Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) webinar series.

The series will respond to and explore critiques of the Transition Movement raised in a paper by Simplicity Institute called The Transition Movement: Questions of Diversity, Power and Affluence.

Relationships Through Transition
Thursday, November 20
11:00am PST/2:00pm EST

Living in Relationship in a Community is hard work, but using relationships instead of currency is the most powerful tool we have to transition our world into a more fun, just, and equitable place. 

Learn how Transition Lab has developed the skills to use relationships as the currency of their work.


Policies for Shareable Cities: How to Catalyze Just and Resilient Local Economies
Tuesday, December 9
11:00am PST/2:00pm EST

How can the principles of the grassroots sharing economy be applied to towns and cities in ways that strengthen local economies, empower the under-served, and build community resilience?

Join this teleseminar with Yassi Eskandari of the Sustainable Economies Law Center to explore these questions and develop an action plan for local policy change.



See all upcoming events >>

Visit our Online Training Archives for a rich collection of past teleseminars.

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