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Exploring a New Economic Paradigm
Webinars: Transition Talk Training, Essential Knowledge 4 Transition
Slow Democracy Online Book Club
Upcoming Trainings: Effective Groups & Art of Hosting
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Art of Participatory Leadership Trainings

March 7-9 Petaluma, CA
April 11-13 Saco, ME

The Art of Participatory Leadership, now practiced and offered worldwide, is an intensive 3-day event where you will experience and practice a set of simple, yet powerful, processes for building community, facilitating powerful conversations, building strong partnerships, and leading change. Come explore how to unleash collective genius and build adaptive and leader-full communities.

Effective Groups Training

The Art of Hosting     
Effective Groups is a dynamic and engaging 2-day skills-building training for individuals and teams which covers key skills for collaboration. Read more...

Learn about hosting a training >>


Check out Rob Hopkins' blog, Transition Culture, to explore February's theme: "Resourcing Transition."

Volunteer Opportunities

We are on the lookout for volunteers to lead curriculum development to adapt Transition Streets to the US context. For more information contact




We're inspired to be part of a diverse movement that is transitioning our economy away from dependence on fossil fuels toward local resilience. This month we explore innovative ideas, emerging trends, and critical questions around shifting our economic paradigm. Read on to learn more...

Exploring a New Economic Paradigm

Local economic transformation: Transition Network’s REconomy project and economic blueprints provide a strategic framework for building resilient local economies by keeping resources in the community, creating more equitable wealth distribution, and cultivating local, low carbon enterprises and jobs. Join our upcoming tele-salon on March 25th @ 11am PST to learn more.

But what kind of jobs? Job creation is a key argument used to pit economic growth against environmental sustainability.  This short video from our friends at Movement Generation responds to KXL jobs hype using humor to critically question what types of jobs we want as the foundation of our economic future.

Bridging climate activism and economic justice.  The Nation explores the fertile edge between the climate and new economy movements in this article “From Occupy to Climate Justice.”  

The sharing revolution.  The sharing economy is a growing movement utilizing creative strategies like timebanking, tool libraries, online tools, ShareFests, and more to unlock resources and build community resilience. Learn more.

Essential Knowledge for Transition: For a deeper understanding of how to transition our existing economic and financial systems, join us for a 3-part teleseminar series with Marco Vangelisti to explore the financial system & local investing (recording), money & banking system (3/19), and the economic system (4/23). Read more below.

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  Transition in Action

Welcome to the 148th Official Transition Initiative: Transition Humboldt, California!

New England Transition & Resilience Initiatives Host Regional Resilience Conversation
On March 15, at Antioch University in Keene NH, fellow Transitioners and Resilience-Builders from around New England will gather to discuss the resilience of New England as a whole. Register to participate in the in-person conversation, and even if you're not a New Englander, you should still check out this sweet short video invitation for inspiration.

Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) launches
Neighbor-to-Neighbor Resilient Response to Extreme Weather Working Group.

An innovative, interfaith approach to emergency preparedness based on relationships, new stories, preparedness trainings, and appropriate technology. Read more on the MATH website.

Transition Southeast and Deep South U.S. Facebook Group
Looking to connect with fellow Transitioners in the southeast and deep south? Check out this newly launched Facebook group.

Interested in starting an Initiative?
Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative!


Webinars & Online Events


Inform, Engage, Inspire - How to Give a Transition Talk
Tuesday, March 11
11am-12:15am Pacific

Want to deliver powerful presentations about Transition to groups in your community or region? Wish you had a template that you could personalize and customize? Feel like you could use some good pointers for getting started?

If so, join us for this overview of the standard Transition Talk, and learn how to adapt it to any audience and time-frame, from 20 minutes to two hours. All participants will receive, and be free to use, the instructor's very own PowerPoint presentation, complete with talking points for each slide. Facilitated by Don Hall of Transition Sarasota.


Essential Knowledge for Transition:
Money and Banking System

Wednesday, March 19
11am-12:15pm Pacific

Currently, the money and banking systems are conflated, with very little understanding in the general public about what money is, how it is created, and how the banking system operates.

Only a fundamental shift in the design of the monetary and banking systems will allow for a viable way of addressing increasing inequality, the mounting problem of public and private debt and make possible a shift towards a sustainable steady-state economy that works for everybody and is compatible with environmental stewardship.


Essential Knowledge for Transition:
Economic System

Wednesday, April 23
11am-12:15pm Pacific

The current economic crisis is a recurring phenomenon of a structurally unstable economic system. Join us to explore the current economic crisis in its historical context, how we dealt with the last major crisis in the 1930s and how we are (counter productively) dealing with it now.

We will then look at the systemic features of a new economic system that would be compatible with long term health of ecosystems and communities. Finally, we will explore the path from the current system to one that democratizes and localizes economic activity and anchors wealth and capital formation in the community.


See all upcoming events >>

Check out our Online Training Archives for a rich collection of past teleseminars on topics like Holacracy, local investing, timebanking, and much more!

Your support will enable us to host more TeleSeminars, turn those into recordings, and share them out to people like you!

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Slow Democracy Online Book Club
Wednesday, March 5

Reinvigorate your community by reconnecting with democracy.

Join author and community leader Susan Clark in discussion of her new book, Slow Democracy: Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home, for a free online book club event. Organized by our friends at Chelsea Green Publishing. To learn more click here.

A list of discussion questions and a discount code for 35% off Slow Democracy will be sent to registrants prior to the event.

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Post Carbon Institute Update

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Building Thriving, Resilient Communities -
A Resource Guide

Want to start a solar co-op? Looking for a short video on the new economy?  Whether you're just starting to learn about community resilience, are ready to start your own project, or are changing local policy to promote resilience, our new guide compiles all the best resources from partner organizations and experts in the field. 

The "Building Thriving, Resilient Communities Resource Guide" is a project of the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory.



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