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In this Issue:
What's Happening in Transition
Webinars: Spring of Sustainability, Inner Transition, Transition Lab
Upcoming Trainings: LAUNCH in MA
Featured Media
Get Involved
Take Action




Transition LAUNCH Training
June 21-22, Greenfield, MA

Transition LAUNCH is an in-depth experiential introduction to the ideas, process and practices that have inspired tens of thousands of people and catalyzed a global Transition network. 

Effective Groups Training

The Art of Hosting     
Effective Groups is a dynamic and engaging 2-day skills-building training for individuals and teams which covers key skills for collaboration. Read more...

Learn about hosting a training >>


Featured Media:

Peak Prosperity Podcast:
A Model for Profitable Micro-Farming

Jean-Martin Fortier shares his model for how to generate a livelihood farming on 1.5 acres.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are on the lookout for volunteer organizers to help with outreach for this year's Community Resilience Challenge. For more information contact




Transition in the United States is like nowhere else on Earth.






We live in a diverse country with states and bioregions larger than many European countries. With our unique national character comes a distinct set of challenges in growing and deepening Transition.

Transitioners across the US are rising to those challenges by developing innovative projects and strategies to engage more people in our work.
Read on to learn more!

What's Happening in Transition...

We're BUSY organizing next month's Community Resilience Challenge, a time to energize our communities and demonstrate our collective impact through coordinated hands-on action!

Will you join us in action during the month of May to save water, conserve energy, grow food, and build community?  Your Challenge action can be as simple as hanging a clothesline or as creative as a resilience photo slam or a garden makeover contest. See our website for project ideas. If you already have a project planned, put it on the map!

Please help us spread the word by RSVPing to the Community Resilience Challenge Facebook event and inviting your friends!


We're also excited to be partnering with Spring of Sustainability (SOS), a FREE nine-week virtual summit of sustainability visionaries and Transition leaders. SOS launched on Earth Day continues through June. See below for SOS teleseminars featuring Transition leaders who are pioneering projects to reduce the carbon footprint of entire neighborhoods and transform our economy. Visit the SOS website for a complete schedule.

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  Transition in Action

Last month, the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub hosted a Resilient Response to Extreme Weather potluck discussion, engaging faith communities around the launch of the new movie "Noah."

Read more in this blog post by Transition Trainer Pamela Boyce Simms.

Transition Initiative Sustainable Berea, Kentucky, hosted its fifth annual Local Foods Expo, bringing together 38 exhibitors and hundreds of community members to celebrate their vibrant local food system. Sustainable Berea is also planning a 1.4 acre urban farm and orchard, and was recently selected to receive federal funding to support the project.

Transition Cadillac, MI is organizing the “Grow a Row” Garden Challenge, where local gardeners dedicate one row of produce from their garden to be donated to local senior centers and food pantries.

Transition Sebastopol, CA is planning a ten-day Village Building Convergence (VBC) with the theme "Reclaiming the Commons." Based on City Repair’s successful model of Placemaking (public art, natural building, & permaculture) in Portland, OR, the VBC organizers will work with neighborhood teams to design and build inviting and sustainable public spaces where people can gather. Learn more in this short video.  

And last but not least: last week, Transition Town Media, PA is hosting “Happiness Week” with daily events like a Spring Bird Walk, screening of the documentary "Happy," a Flash Mob, Children's Improv Workshop, Happiness Yoga, and more.

Do you have a Transition story to share? Email so we can spread the word about your amazing work!

Interested in starting an Initiative?
Browse the initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative!


Webinars & Online Events


Inner Transition for Everyone?
Tuesday, April 29
11am-12:15pm Pacific

This TeleSeminar with Transition Network's Sophy Banks will include a look at why it’s important to create spaces for connection, reflection and feelings during times of change and stress; ways of bringing Inner Transition to people who don’t usually make time for inner work; and sharing challenges and solutions for those wanting to bridge the divide and bring inner work to all who want or need it.

Spring of Sustainability - Unleashing Our Collective Genius: The Community Resilience Challenge
Friday, May 2
12:00-12:30pm Pacific

Learn from Trathen Heckman, founder of Daily Acts and Transition US Board President, how the Community Resilience Challenge (CRC), launched in Northern California in 2010, is sweeping the nation -- and how you can bring the CRC to your community and start building a more resilient world.

Reconomy: Where Cash Takes a Back Seat
Thursday, May 8
11am-12:15pm Pacific

As we work to transition our world, a huge challenge lies in our ability to power the godo work necessary to build a better future in a world where dollars are becoming more and more scarce. In this teleseminar we will learn from Transition Lab's experience in pioneering alternative economic models that can create affordable housing, feed our community, and even run a school with a minimum amount of money. Participants will not only learn how to create these alternative economies, but launch models that could support their local Transition projects indefinitely. 

Spring of Sustainability - Creating Resilient Local Economies
Thursday, May 29

12:00pm Pacific
Learn about innovative models for building resilient local economies - including Transition Network's REconomy Project and Transition Colorado's Local Food Shift.

Fiona Ward: REconomy Project for the Transition Network
Michael Brownlee: Co-founder of Local Food Shift and Transition Colorado
Michelle Long: Executive Director of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Mickki Langston: Executive Director of Mile High Business Alliance
Hosted by Steven Motenko

Stories of the Future - and Why They're Essential to Our Survival
Thursday, April 10
11am-12:15am Pacific

There are four major stories about the future in our news, books and films. The one that is most rare is the one we most need. And many of us are living more than one at the same time, contributing to the sense of confusion.

In this talk Sophy Banks - founder of the first Transition Heart & Soul group - looks at the four stories, at the psychological reasons why they’re all important, and the overarching process that links them all. Participants will be invited to explore and develop their own future story.

Spring of Sustainability - Tackling Climate Change in Your Household and Community
Thursday, June 5
12:00pm Pacific

Learn about models for reducing your carbon footprint at the household and neighborhood level, including the award-winning Transition Streets program! Speakers include Linda Currie of Transition Berkeley, Mary Anne Hitt of Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign, and Diana Donlon of the Center for Food Safety.


See all upcoming events >>

Check out our Online Training Archives for a rich collection of past teleseminars on topics like Holacracy, local investing, timebanking, and much more!

Your support will enable us to host more TeleSeminars, turn those into recordings, and share them out to people like you!

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Community Investment in the Local Food System: A Case Study of Real Pickles
Real Pickles, a small-scale, solar-powered, organic pickle company based in Greenfield, MA, successfully financed its transition to a worker-owned cooperative by raising $500,000 from a community investment campaign. To learn more, check out this case study by Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) or watch a recording of our Community Resilience Chat with Dan Rosenberg of Real Pickles and Jenny Kassan of Cutting Edge Capital.

Documentary: Passive House Revolution
"Passive House Revolution" provides hope for the future of the planet and our children as it chronicles a revolutionary development in the way we construct and renovate our buildings, a development that reduces heating and cooling energy use by 80-90%.

For more information visit

There is a special discount price of $15 (regularly $26) available to Transitioners through May 31, 2014 through

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Post Carbon Institute Update

Transition US Partner | visit for more articles, reports and news

We're launching the Public Energy Art Kit (P.E.A.K.)!

Post Carbon Institute has partnered with 12 artists from across the country to produce the Public Energy Art Kit, a collection of original artwork illustrating our energy reality and calling for an energy transition.

We're looking for partners to distribute the artwork in communities across the country - email to participate!



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