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Transition Streets Crowdfunding Campaign
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Sneak Peek: Highlights from Transition Streets
Over the course of seven sessions, Transition Streets participants explore how to save money and live more sustainably in five areas: energy, water, food, waste, and transportation.

Each module of the workbook contains:
  • background and group discussion on how each topic relates to larger ecological crises;
  • tips for reducing consumption;
  • ideas, costs, savings, and effort required for relevant home improvements;
  • a personal action plan for making changes to your household and lifestyle.
Some of our favorite Transition Streets tips:
  • Keep a scoreboard on the fridge for every time someone finds a light or TV on with no one there. Motivate your kids to be energy conscious with a potential share of the cost savings on your energy bill!
  • Check your eligibility for grants and rebates for home energy efficiency improvements.
  • Buy your food in bulk with friends or neighbors (saves money and reduces packaging).
  • Avoid short car trips - a cold engine goes through fuel almost twice as quickly as a hot one (conveniently, these journeys are the easiest to walk or cycle).
Some of our favorite group discussions:
  • Think of some of the energy wasting habits about our homes. What are the real reasons for us continuing to do them? Why is it so difficult to stop? What do you think you will need to do to change these habits in your home?
  • Buying local, seasonal, organic food from independent shops has environmental and financial savings and helps our local economy thrive; yet many of us shop at major supermarket chains. What benefits do these large supermarket chains offer us? What are the downsides? How important is a strong, local food system to our town and our community? How might you overcome some of the barriers to supporting local shops more?

AND if you're nervous about planning neighborhood meetings, have no fear: the workbook includes tips for on how to easily and successfully organize your group, ideal for those new to community organizing.

Thanks to our generous Transition Streets partners and contributors!

A huge dose of gratitude to everyone who is helping make Transition Streets possible: 

Jon Freise (Corcoran GROWS Transition Initiative, Minneapolis, MN) and Sarah Zenger for their skillful work repurposing the Transition Streets curriculum for US audiences;

The following businesses, organizations, and individuals who provided perks for our crowdfunding campaign:

P3 International for energy and water meters (they have lots of other products too – check them out!);

Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms for his brilliant Moving Beyond the Automobile DVDs;

Mark Shain for a week’s stay at his inspiring Peaks Island Micro Farm, a Permaculture haven in Maine;

Chris Prelitz of Transition Laguna Beach, CA, for two nights at his permaculture and natural building-inspired Laguna Beach home;

Steven Donaldson for two nights at his scenic Sierra Mountains cabin;

Jeanna Collett of Transition Sebastopol, CA, and Medicine for the People for her beautiful song; 

Ben Beyeler of Transition Goshen, IN, for technical assistance on recordings and podcasts;

Cecile Andrews and Trathen Heckman – for being the inspiring visionaries and offering TeleSeminars on their heart’s work.

Last but not least, we'd thank these extraordinary individuals who contributed valuable input:
Tom Conlon (Transition Sonoma Valley, CA),
Rennie Fountain (Transition Schenectady, NY),
Don Hall (Transition Sarasota, FL),
Eunice Lemacher (Tricounty Transition, SC),
Devin Quince (Transition Longmont, CO),
Susan Silber (Transition Berkeley, CA) and
Kristina Zill (Transition Catskills, NY).

Photo: Don Hall & Transition Sarasota Suncoast Gleaning Project

Thanks to the generosity of our partners and contributors to the Transition Streets crowd-funding campaign, we're over halfway to our goal of raising $8,000 to make Transition Streets a reality.

As a collaborative campaign, local Transition Initiatives can receive half of every donation they drive to the campaign (donors need to write the name of your TI in the "Comments" section).


Special Edition: Transition Streets 

Do want to Transition your neighborhood? Transition Streets makes it easy by providing a 7-session curriculum filled with low and no-cost strategies to lower your carbon footprint and save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill, all while building real community resilience through relationships with neighbors.

Transition US is partnering with local groups on a crowdfunding campaign to launch Transition Streets in the US this fall.

We've got five days to meet our goal of $8,000 to re-purpose the award-winning Transition Streets workbook to the US context and provide technical support to local groups. Can you help by contributing to the campaign or spreading the word?

There are some great perks to sweeten the deal including books, music, inspiring podcasts, EZ energy efficiency meters, and a seed ball recipe (developed by yours truly).

That's it for the campaign plug! Now you can read on to:
  • get a sneak peek of tips and highlights from the Transition Streets workbook,
  • meet fellow Transitioners who are excited to bring Transition Streets to their neighborhoods, and
  • sign up for a Transition Streets launch party this fall.  

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There's a BUZZ about Transition Streets!  

Transition US is supporting local groups to roll out Transition Streets in sixteen communities across the US this fall.

Do you want to bring Transition Streets to your neighborhood?
Let us know!

Here's what people are saying about Transition Streets:

"There is a LOT of bubbling excitement about the potential of Transition Streets in Milwaukee. Namely that there is a natural fit with our City’s energy efficiency program as well. Transition Milwaukee has the potential to start discussing and practicing energy curtailment with the grassroots sector, and at the end also link up homeowners with existing programs in the area." --Jessica Cohodes, Transition Milwaukee

Photo: Rob Hopkins with Transition Milwaukee

"A survey done in the UK showed that 85% of Transition Streets participants stated that their personal changes made during the project will be sustained beyond the project. In the same survey, 98% of groups said they'd keep meeting beyond their last 'official' meeting." --Maggie Fleming, Transition US. Read more in this interview with PlanetShifter Magazine.

"I love that Transition Streets encourages neighbors to get together and work through simple hands-on steps together. I see it as having great potential for increasing sustainability knowledge in town and growing our fledgling Transition movement." -- Matt Marshquist, Transition Ashland, MA

"A big reason for me to join our local group was to see how our energy and water use compared to that of our neighbors who had homes of similar size and age." --Tri-County Transition, Clemson, SC (more in this short video).


Webinars & Online Events


Transition Streets Launch Party!
Tuesday, October 21
5:30pm-6:30am Pacific

Join Transition US and Transition Initiatives across the country for the launch of Transition Streets!

We're inviting local groups to organize house parties (or Transition Streets meetings) the evening of Tuesday, October 21, during which you can call into this teleseminar for an introduction to Transition Streets and to be connected to other Transition Streets groups across the country.

More details to come!



Post Carbon Institute Update

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PEAK on the Streets

Have fun raising energy literacy in your neighborhood with PCI's Public Energy Art Kit, a collection of 15 original artworks including this one, "Own Your Power," which captures the essence of Transition Streets.

We're down to our last 2,000 copies (out of 35,000), so if you want some to post in your community, act fast



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