Transition Whatcom: The Great Unleashing

Transition Whatcom, WA, the 17th official US transition initiative, is all set for their Great Unleashing. Here's a rundown of the exciting activities that are being planned courtesy of Transition Whatcom's fabulous organizers with an invitation to join along!

photoWhat is The Great Unleashing?  Its the big kick-off!  Our epic beginning!  In the future, the Great Unleashing will be remembered as the day the people of our communities decided together to heal themselves from their addiction to oil.  The day the air began getting cleaner, the streets quieter, the gardens greener, the children healthier, the farmers happier, the music sweeter, and the hours slower and more full of laughter. The Great Unleashing will be the time when we remember once more how to work with our hearts and our hands, to heal the wounds and change our ways.  Join us on April 10 and 11, and lend your own creative genius, help birth this fragile, dazzling, hopeful vision.  Together, we can make it happen.
The Great Unleashing is an event that will engage Whatcom County in a collective and committed response, and will kick-off the process of creating a 10-20 year energy descent action plan. The Great Unleashing will be a two-day celebration and extravaganza that will motivate, excite, educate and engage our community in coming together to envision a vibrant, resilient, and dramatically less energy-dependent Whatcom County, and will unleash our collective genius as we start working towards a tangible and compelling plan to get us there.

Day 1 will have many activities, including a recorded greeting from Rob Hopkins, and keynote talks by the noted author and Transition U.S. board member, Vicki Robin, author Frances Moore Lappe (Diet for a Small Planet), and Transition U.S. board member, Permaculturist, and Executive Director of Daily Acts, Trathen Heckman. You can also expect a parade, exhibits, breakout sessions on numerous themes, and more.

Day 2: Based on our visioning, we’ll begin to form project groups that will address critical issues our community is facing and start the process of articulating an Energy Descent Action Pathway. This will be our roadmap to a future of greater freedom from oil-dependency, much greater local resilience, and a more satisfying personal and community life, and will celebrate and expand on the many positive actions already happening in our community.

Don’t miss it! Download the Event Flyer [PDF]

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Photo: Front page photo by David Macleod.


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