TransitionSF: Official and Active

Transition San Francisco received official recognition as a Transition Initiative, the 55th – one of seven in the Bay Area and 16 in California. Here is a cheerful update from the folks of TransitionSF.

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We are a positive and supporting group of San Francisco community members who are thinking about how to move the San Francisco community forward to implementing ideas and policies, which will enable the city to deal with Climate Change and depleting energy while developing more resilient San Francisco neighborhoods and Bay Area region.

Mission Statement:
To promote and inspire an abundant, local and resilient San Francisco by unleashing the collective genius of our community to dramatically reduce carbon emissions - in response to climate change; to significantly rebuild resilience - in response to peak oil; and to greatly strengthen our local economy -in response to economic instability.

We held our first Community Meeting (presentation and notes), to very good response. The Community Meeting attracted a group of about 30 people and allowed us to strengthen bonds, in particular with our permaculture friends locally, and reach out to new people. The meeting saw the launch of working groups for Vision, Food, Re-Skilling and Heart and Soul, with more to come. Open Space technology was a big help, inviting full participation from all.

Members of our group also participated in the first Transition US Tele-Salon; very exciting! Our next Community Meeting is March 22nd. TSF and Bay Localize will be collaborating on a workshop for Community Resilience Assessment all day Saturday, April 17th. The Food and Vision groups have already scheduled their first meetings, and Initiating Group meetings and Peak Oil Speakers’ Training are ongoing.

imageRecently, TransitionSF also got on the calendar for the well-known Commonwealth Club on June 9th; Carolyne Stayton of Transition US will lead our presentation. "The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum, bringing together its more than 18,000 members for over 400 annual events on topics ranging across politics, culture, society and the economy..."

Finally, we are starting a visioning project and are planning to capture videos that summarize the visions of San Francisco non-governmental organizations (NGOs), residents, communities, and transition members.  These videos will be featured on our website.  If you are interested in participating in the project, please contact us.

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Photo: Golden Gate Bridge by http2007/flickr

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