Transition Bike Tours

TransitionSF, in San Francisco, California, has collaborated with the Permaculture Guild, and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to organize a series of bike tours around the city that explore life-enriching food, water and energy projects in the city. 

The Transition Tours showcase local efforts that create community and support both the environment and economy. Thanks to organizer, Sarah Roggero, for sharing this story!

Our first ride--"Lots of Abundance"--was a huge success with 36 riders attending.  We visited four sites: the California College of the Arts FARM, 18th and Rhode Island's Permaculture Garden, Hayes Valley Farm, and the Free Farm at Gough and Eddy.  Riders learned about the evolution of each project--be it driven by individual or community initiative, saw permaculture principles in practice, were directed to resources for planting their own lots of abundance and were encouraged to join work days at the sites we visited.  Many were new to the Transition movement and excited to attend the next TransitionSF community meeting.



Our next ride, set for Saturday, July 24th, will focus on water--from home and garden use to the history of water in San Francisco.  We'll visit Garden for the Environment, the Sunset Reservoir (which, coincidentially, houses the largest municipal solar installation in the state at 5 megawatts), and two homes that are implementing greywater and rainwater catchment systems.

Our third and last ride is on Solar. We'll visit a low-income housing project that installed solar last fall, a laundromat that has a solar water system, and a neighborhood block that went solar together to purchase individual electric systems at a group discount.  An optional extension to the ride will visit the Eco Center at Heron's Head Park, which is "the first 100% “off-grid” building" in San Francisco. 

More info+details here.


This event series was picked up by the San Francisco Chronicle, in an article July 15, 2010, "Transition Tours: Abandoned S.F. lots reborn" by Rose Miller. Read the article here.

"We want to expose people to our work as well as the work of other organizations who are similarly invested in different aspects of sustainability - local food, water use and solar energy - and are undertaking really interesting projects," says Sarah Roggero of TransitionSF, who is leading these tours.


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