Two Great Unleashings to come

In case you wanted more news about Unleashing events, both Transition Bloomington in Indiana and Transition Carrboro-Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Great Unleashing events are meant to bring the community together to engage in a rich process of visioning and co-creation, and often marks the beginning of local Transition efforts and the development of a community-wide energy descent action plan. Here's a peek at what these two initatives have planned.


Transition Bloomington, Indiana
April 24th, 2010, 9AM-5PM, at Bloomington's City Hall Council

The GREAT UNLEASHING is an Open Space event that will engage Bloomington in a collective and committed response, and will kick-off the process of creating a 10-20 year energy descent action plan.

THE GREAT UNLEASHING will be a one-day town meeting, celebration and extravaganza that will motivate, excite, educate and engage our community in coming together to envision a vibrant, resilient, and dramatically less energy-dependent Bloomington, and will unleash our collective genius as we start working towards a tangible and compelling plan to get us there.

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Recent article: "Transition Bloomington to create 10-20 year energy descent action plan to rebuild community resilience and self-reliance at Great Unleashing event" By Alison Wadsworth Posted: March 31, 2010 by the Indianapolis Star.


Transition Carrboro - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
May 15, 2010 10 am to 8 pm Carrboro Century Center

At the Unleashing, lunch will be provided (with a donation requested but not required) and there will be an inspiring lunchtime speaker: Norm Christensen, the founder of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. We will also have brief greetings from the mayors of Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

But most of the day will be spent in Open Space networking, facilitated by Jane Norton and Brian Russell. During this process, participants will raise issues and suggest ideas. By the end of the day, we will have formed working groups for the various sectors of society: Food, Energy, Transportation, Local Economy, Health, Education. The exact number and description of these groups will be determined by the ideas raised by people at the Unleashing.

We plan to finish the day with some socializing, celebrating, and entertainment.

As we move forward after the Unleashing, the working groups will set up projects they deem important. They will collaborate with each other and with existing organizations and individuals already doing work in the spirit of Transition. They will join with these existing entities to envision an Energy Descent Action Plan that will lay out the actual work that will transition us to a strong, interdependent, resilient Carrboro/Chapel Hill in a post-fossil fuel economy 50 years from now.

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