Update: Transition Streets & Community Resilience Challenge

A growing collaboration of local Transition groups, talented volunteers, expert advisers, and TUS staff has come together to bring the powerful neighborhood-scale Transition Streets program to the US.

Twelve groups have piloted Transition Streets in communities across the US, and we’ve received great feedback on how impactful the program has been—for learning household energy and water-saving tips, implementing cost-saving strategies, and for building a real sense of community among neighbors. It takes a community, to change the world!

We’re excited for the beta launch of Transition Streets this May, and we’d appreciate your help in making it a huge success! Here’s what you could do:

1. Provide some expertise in: graphic design, web design, writing press releases, media outreach, Google Adwords, and social media. Please let us know if you or someone you know has experience in one of these areas and would like to help out.

2. Sign up here to bring Transition Streets to your community as part of the national rollout in May. ​

3. Participate in our upcoming Transition Streets crowdfunding campaign​ we'll be doing with partnering Transition Initiatives.

A​ND – ​the Community Resilience Challenge is happening the ​whole month of May!

You can register your Transition Streets meetings and actions as part of the Challenge, OR organize a​ completely different resilience-building project​ - for your household of your community​. The goal is to demonstrate what’s possible when people across the country take action to build local resilience.

Last year more than 16,000 actions were registered across the US, and this year we hope ​for 20,000!

For tips and ideas on how to get involved in the Community Resilience Challenge, register to participate in our organizer call on Wednesday, April 8th at 5:30pmPST/8:30pmEST.

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