Vermont Regional Transition EDAP

Transition Initiatives are starting to look more closely at developing comprehensive EDAPs (Energy Descent Action Plans) that integrate their vision for the future and the practical steps needed to get there. Thanks to Jim Buckley of Transition Town Montpelier in Vermont for posting this recap of the first regional Vermont Transition EDAP meeting.


(Photo above from the Vermont State Transition Organizers Meeting)

16 attend the first regional Vermont Transition EDAP (Energy Descent Action Plan) meeting. Strong emphasis was put on an inclusive planning approach, including as many participants, groups and layers of the community that we can reach and engage with, knowing it will take time to reach the majority.

The discussions were enthusiastic, wide ranging, and very fruitful. Detailed notes and a list of topics to be considered for research, discussion and planning will be posted this week. Please add your comments to the discussion. Discussions ranged from developing niche resilient communities to developing a statewide Transition EDAP plan to shock contingency planning. From specifics like having a car-free Sunday program to engaging with the political structures of the State.

Some strong emphasis was given to engaging with other groups to form an inclusive plan and to create an attractive plan people can tap into and engage with, using graphics as well as text, the arts, media and video.

Timelines, benchmarks, goals, and our narrative were discussed; but all this remains ongoing. We will continue the conversation at the next meeting where we will take up “food” as a sample topic for planning. The next meeting will be on Saturday, December 18, 2-4pm at the Hayes Room in the Kellogg Hubbard Library.


(Thanks again to Jim for the report, originally posting here. More information and discussion on the meeting will be posted later this week in the Transition Vermont EDAP committee group webpage. )

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