Watch the 'In Transition' Film

Here's an update from Rob Hopkins about the film 'In Transition':


Your Chance to See ‘In Transition’, the emerging plans for its release, as well as an appeal for help in finishing it…

As you know, we have been making a film about Transition, called ‘In Transition’, which was previewed at the Transition Network conference to a standing ovation, and which we had, unsuccessfully, tried to show online simultaneous to the conference screening.  Now, after much technical fiddling about, we can tell you when and where you can see it, and unveil the plans for its release.  So, you will be able to watch the film online at any time on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2009 (BST).  We are running it over two days so as many people get a chance to fit in watching it around their busy lives as possible, one week day and one weekend day.  We think you’re going to rather like it… 


Stage 1.  The Online Preview.

The exact url. of where to find the film will be posted at Transition Culture, on the evening of Thursday 11th 2009 (BST).  The film will then remain online until early Sunday morning, when it will be taken down, … this means that it’s available for a full 48 hours in all timezones. That is, from New Zealand’s midnight Thursday 11th to Alaska’s midnight Sat 13th.  The version of the film that will be available is not the final version, as there are still a few tweaks to make, and one final section to add to it, but it is nearly there, and we can’t keep you waiting any longer.  During those two days you will be able to watch it as many times as you like, and leave your thoughts and comments.  Tell your friends!

Read more about the next stages to the release of ‘In Transition.


Also, in case you missed it, here's the trailer:

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