What People Love About Transition Streets

Feedback on Transition Streets from the Spring 2015 Pilot Groups:

“The notion that change is easier when you are enjoying doing it and doing it with others.”

“It looks so comprehensive and professional.”

“Enticing rather than threatening - not intimidating.”

“It stimulated our sharing of different ideas, tips, and comparison of the steps we had already taken.”

“The fun and funny brainstorms about ways to conserve energy.”

“Recognizing practical solutions.”

“Great to-do-list. Written at a level I could understand.”

“Tied together many ways to approach energy. Helped to identify connections to energy use in more ways.”

“All voices contributed; we thought creatively together; the conversation had meaning in which people learned things.”

“I have a set of succinct actions to take; I have someone to help me with actions I plan to take.”

“The conversation, and there need to be more conversations like this one, everywhere.”

“The social element: getting together with others to think about these things, more likely to do some of these actions than by myself.”

“Very concrete, very definitive actions.”

Learn more about Transition Streets at transitionstreets.org, and help support the national roll-out of Transition Streets by supporting our crowdfunding campaign!

Testimonials from Transition Streets users:

  • Chris, Bozeman MT: Three different departments of the City of Bozeman have shown great enthusiasm for what we’re doing and have supported Transition Streets tremendously.
  • Logan, Charlottesville VA: I think we were all surprised at the last meeting how much we wanted to share. The 2 hours went by so fast and we had so many great brainstorms and ideas. We developed quite a long resource list for Charlottesville. And it was just a lot of fun! And I’m looking forward to coordinating more with the City of Charlottesville who’s going into a project called Energize Charlottesville which sounds like it’s going to dovetail real well with the TS rollout, so that’s exciting. Thank you so much for this program. It has truly strengthened and increased the resiliency of our small neighborhood by creating closer relationships with our neighbors and has given us a more positive outlook for the future! We can make a difference and support each other!
  • Gawain, San Diego CA: I joined because I was interested in decreasing costs and my environmental footprint. And I’ve met a lot of people in my area that have similar interests. One thing that turned out to be very useful for me was that during the energy evaluation, I discovered that one of my solar inverters had been offline for a month. That was useful to know!
  • Chris, Manitou Springs CO: The group is really interested, engaged, there is palpable enthusiasm. We’re learning together, which I think is a really encouraging sign. We’re excited about the prospect of this widening within and beyond Manitou Springs.
  • Linda, Berkeley CA: I am very interested in excited to bring this program to Transition Berkeley and our city because I know it will be a great catalyzer for building community and fostering the change we are seeking through the Transition movement.
  • Ben, Goshen IN: I've been looking for good excuse to get to know my neighbors. I personally need a bit of incentive to save energy in my home. I'd love to start these conversations with the general public.
  • Jessica, Milwaukee, WI: Energy curtailment is an important discussion that no other sustainability groups are talking about. This pilot is a program that will eventually help network stronger, more well-defined neighborhood initiatives in Milwaukee. It can also work as an incubator to build onto the curriculum with locally specific resources and partnerships.
  • Conrad, Newburyport, MA: The model feels like an excellent combination of hyper-local actions and community-wide involvement


Some thoughtful comments from our Chapter Editors:

"Some of the things that I just love about Transition Streets is that it really delivers on the promise of making the world better while improving your connection in community."-- Jon Friese

"How excited I am about this project because the web is loaded with information and tips about why and how we can save resources in urban environments but there are really very few if any free documents that provide a comprehensive toolkit for the everyday person in the US, and that's really why I'm excited about Transition Streets." -- Matt Freiberg

"This is really exciting. It's so great to see this workbook available for free to the public so they can start connecting these dots." -- Diana Donlon

"I'm so excited to be part of this really exciting program...I hope you'll have fun with this section enjoy learning how to reduce your waste and save money and help the earth. And it feels really great even if you're taking baby steps to know that this really is something that you can do and it's really not all that hard." -- Devi Peri

"I am grateful to both the Transition UK and US for developing this workbook to help people to not only be able to respond to and reduce their impact on climate change, but also to build community." -- Sandra Hamlat


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