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Transition Twin Cities Supporting Students of Color Involved in Resilient and Regenerative Agriculture

Scholarship recipients, Naomy Candelaria (left) and Priscilla Trinh (right).

Transition leaders Leslie MacKenzie and Peter Foster are supporting young students of color from the University of Minnesota by funding their research and studies in resilient and regenerative agriculture. Learn more about how recipients Priscilla Trinh and Naomy Candelaria will be making the most of this support!

2019 Year in Review

The Transition Movement here in the US continued to grow in 2019 and Transition US took many positive steps this year to support the flourishing of an even larger and more cohesive US Transition network in the future. Read our 2019 Year in Review to learn more!

Rob Hopkins Webinar Recording Available Now

Did you miss our live online event, From What Is to What If: The Role of Imagination in Transition, earlier this week? In this webinar, co-hosted with the international Transition Network and Post Carbon Institute, Transition Movement co-founder Rob Hopkins sets out the key ideas behind his new book "From What Is to What If" and invites participants to reflect on the role of the imagination in their work in Transition. As Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics described it, "for anyone seeking a renewed sense of possibility, this one's for you."

The Climate Movement Is Going After Wall Street

Transition US has joined a new coalition called “Stop the Money Pipeline” to help end the financing of fossil fuels.
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