You know you're in Transition when...

  1. You know your neighbors.

  2. You know what “400 ppm” means.

  3. You believe everything can be recycled.

  4. You have an unusual appreciation for chickens

  5. You know which foods are in season.

  6. You think work parties are fun.

  7. You are aware that our global bee populations, fish stocks, and climate stability are all in serious danger and are all related.

  8. You're passionate about composting, clotheslines, or graywater (...probably all three).

  9. Your favorite mode of entertainment is a re-skilling fair.

  10. You dream of local-scale solar power stations, community currencies, public gardens or tool-sharing libraries.

  11. You know that the ‘radical’ notion of a post-growth economy is simply common sense.

  12. You see that happiness is not about how much “stuff” you have, but about meaningful connections to your community and to nature.

But most of all… You know what a better world looks like, and are grateful to play a part in bringing it to life.

With your support, we will grow this positive movement together! 

Wishing you a heart-filling holiday season, from our small and dedicated team here at Transition US. We are honored to be in community with you.

~ Carolyne, Marissa and Nils

Transition US is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and your contributions are tax deductible.

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