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TransitionSF: Official and Active

Transition San Francisco received official recognition as a Transition Initiative, the 55th – one of seven in the Bay Area and 16 in California. Here is a cheerful update from the folks of TransitionSF.

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Transition Colorado: Eat Local! Resource Guide & Directory

As part of its EAT LOCAL! program to help relocalize food and farming in Boulder County, Transition Colorado, has just published the second edition of Boulder County's EAT LOCAL! Resource Guide and Directory. 

Transition Videos Digest #2

In this video digest:

Sandpoint Transition Initiative: Learning as We Grow

This February, the Sandpoint Transition Initiative (STI) will be two years old; our official Transition Town status conferred in June 2008. It has been an adventurous collective experience that has offered the full spectrum of emotions, planning, challenges and celebration. This month, TUS is featuring a video we commissioned this past fall by Rob Hopkins. In true Rob fashion, it is inspiring, low key and asks us to rise to the next level of action and belief.

Transition Videos Digest #1

Transition in Calgary, Alberta
This video offers some examples of Calgary initiatives that support the Transition Town movement. Selected from the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community, this video shows complementary currency, cooperative housing, urban orchards, carsharing, and cultural events.

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