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Transition Videos Digest #1

Transition in Calgary, Alberta
This video offers some examples of Calgary initiatives that support the Transition Town movement. Selected from the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community, this video shows complementary currency, cooperative housing, urban orchards, carsharing, and cultural events.

Sustainable Berea: Resilient Household Project

A year ago, in January 2009, an ice storm knocked out electricity throughout most of Berea for several days, and much longer in some outlying areas. If your house lost power, how did you make out? Some households were cold and uncomfortable, poorly fed, routines disrupted, unable to do much after dark but huddle under extra blankets and anxiously wait for the electricity to come back on. Other households stayed warm, enjoyed good hot food, and continued their work and other activities with little disruption. Some households were more resilient than others.

Sustainable NE Seattle launches a Transition Handbook Discussion Course

Sustainable NE Seattle has developed a six-week discussion course based on The Transition Handbook, and is now making the course available to other Transition Initiatives who want to offer it to their own members. "We're excited to let you know about a Discussion Course that we have created in our Transition Initiative (Sustainable NE Seattle). It's based on the Transition Handbook, and it's proving to be a great way to introduce and engage new people in the Transition model," said Leo Brodie.

Skill-sharing Open Mike: an entertaining approach to re-skilling

by Bernard Brennan, Transition Greater New Haven (CT, USA)

Our invitation read:

Skill Sharing for Transition / Practical Open Mike
This will be an opportunity for folks to share skills and projects they are working on as part of their adaptation to hard times and a future of reduced energy resources.  Each person will take 5 or 10 minutes to demonstrate and tell about their project....Try to bring some physical object that is part of what you are doing.

It was a great success!

Peak Moment TV highlights from 2009

Our friends at Peak Moment TV have been producing wonderful resources related to relocalization and transition. If you have yet to watch one their many conversation sessions with community leaders on topics related to energy, food, transportation and more, here's great way to kick off the New Year. Peak Moment TV has DVDs that are superb resources for Transition groups to show publicly or have in a shared library. Catch all the Peak Moment TV episodes at

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