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A Copenhagen Christmas Present from Naresh Giangrande

As many have now written, the Cop15 conference, which is focused on creating a treaty that will prevent our climate from undergoing a systems state change and re-establishing itself in a new stable state that much less conductive to human survival, seems certain to fall far short of what is needed or fail completely.

Transition West Marin: Copenhagen Diary

On December 5th, 2009, Bing Gong and Eleanore Despina of Transition West Marin left Point Reyes Station, CA for Copenhagen for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), December 7th through December 18th.

Ann Arbor 350 Blitz

Transition Ann Arbor partnered with Ann Arbor 350 on the 350 blitz to put up stickers, buttons, posters and more all over town on December 11, during the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

The event had a group in each of 2 locations. The downtown one started at our People’s Food Co-op which offered us warm hospitality in the form of hot drinks, snacks and a table to assemble materials. They created a large 350 poster for their window.

Carrboro Climate Change Resolution

On December 8, 2009 the Board of Alderman unanimously passed a resolution on climate change. We asked Sammy Slade of Transition Carrboro - Chapel Hill to give some context to this step in addressing climate change issues and here is his response.

Reaching out to local government

Many Transition Inititiaves are beginning to connect with local government.  There are several examples including more recently the Mayor David Boyles' support of the Brixton Pound, a new local currency, Transition Town Monteveglio in Italy's strategic partnership with the local authority, and of course

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