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Transition Greater New Haven uses Open Space to explore food and community self-reliance

The 2nd Open Space Community Think Tank — FOOD. Hard Times: Community Self-Reliance, was hosted by Transition Greater New Haven on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009. Here's a recap of the event from Bernard Brennan.

Transition Anderson: Community Projects

by Debra Weber, on behalf of Transition Anderson

Transition Anderson is the 43rd Official Transition in the US and the first in Ohio. Anderson is a township of 43,500 neighbors. It is nestled in the rolling hills of Greater Cincinnati with the Ohio River on its southern border.

Sustainable Berea publishes second annual “Re-skilling Berea” calendar

Central to most Transition Initiatives is the process of regaining the skills (updated with new knowledge and technology) that were widely held by our grandparents. It was common for members of that generation to know how to grow and preserve food, capture and use rainwater, repair their houses, and work with their neighbors.

Awareness Raising on Economy, Climate, and Energy

by David MacLeod, Transition Whatcom

After having held numerous small scale events, Transition Whatcom held it's first larger scale Awareness Raising on October 1st with an event entitled “Economic Instability, Climate Change, and The End of Cheap Oil: The Gathering Storm?” 

Economic Advisory Council for Transition US

Besides peak oil and climate change, there are two other great challenges that the Transition movement faces in this country:

How can we strengthen the economic resilience of individual communities?
How can we fund the movement so that our Transition Initiatives are resilient, self-reliant, and sustainable?

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