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Local Currency Creates Economic Community Resilience

"The B£ is the UK’s first local currency in an urban area and the fourth transition town to have its own currency, following the Totnes Pound in Devon, Lewes Pound in Sussex and Stroud Pound in Gloucestershire.

The B£ project has been initiated by a group of volunteers from Transition Town Brixton (TTB), a community-led organisation for action on energy issues and climate change.

Sustainble NE Seattle hosts a solar potluck

Sustainable NE Seattle (19th US Transition Initiative) hosted an outdoor "Solar Cookout." Many members brought their own solar ovens to create a fabulous solar-cooked potluck.

Welcome Transition Houston

Transition Houston is the 40th official Transition Initiative in the US.

Transition Houston joined the ranks of local coordinating hubs serving large cities, as it received its official status on Labor Day.  Houston is the US’ fourth-largest city, with a population of 2.2 million residents (and more than 5 million in the larger metro area), and is challenged by its sprawling nature, hot/humid climate, and reliance on the automobile.

The Buck Slows Here

We must bring money back down to earth.

It might have sounded far-fetched even a year ago.  But today, surrounded by the politics of a trillion dollar bail out, it has a different ring.  It has the ring of common sense in a world that is coming to realize that there is such a thing as intermediation that is too complex and money that is too fast.There is such a thing as money that is too fast.  

News from Transition Whidbey

Our Transition Initiative (TI) started in August of 2007 after a group of about 25 people came together to hear about what was happening in a small town in the UK called Totnes.  From our overseas visitor, we learned about Totnes’ plans to “relocalize” and thought, “We’ve got an island with clearly defined boundaries, an engaged population that cares about our community, lots of potential for rural farming, and a supportive local government.  Let’s give it a try!” 

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