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Peak Moment TV

Peak Moment TV began producing videos supporting transition and relocalization in 2005 when they taped Steve Andrews and Richard Heinberg presenting on peak oil. Their recent interview with TUS co-founder Jennifer Gray on "The Transition Movement Comes to America" introduces the transition model in an animated, information-packed half-hour conversation. In between, Peak Moment TV has produced more than 20 presentation DVDs and 150 Peak Moment Conversations, all great presentation tools for community education.

October 24 - Day of Climate Action. What is Your Transition Initiative doing?

by Joanne Poyourow of Transition LA

Our friends over at are organizing an international Day of Climate Action on Saturday October 24.  So far, people in more than 100 nations are taking part -— it's shaping up to be to be the biggest day of grassroots action on global warming ever.  But they're hoping for it to be much larger.  Here at Transition US, we came up with an idea:  what if Transition Initiatives joined in?

Transition in Oklahoma Gathering Steam

Here's an update from our Christine Patton of Transition Town OKC / Transition Oklahoma:

Ever since our training in Albuquerque, things seem to be gathering steam. Two weeks ago, several of our members met with a local former minister, Kyle Maxwell, now executive director of the statewide group Oklahoma Disciples Foundation, Inc., to brainstorm on the best ways to engage the faith-based community with Transition Town and "going local".

Transition Laguna Beach: ready, set, go!

Here's a lively update from Michele McCormick, Core Team Member of Transition Laguna Beach:

Transition Laguna Beach is off and running, in an organic way!

Core Team

Our core team has been meeting since November 2008! The group meets once a month.

Transition Boulder County featured on cnet

Article by Daniel Terdiman published on cnet news on June 24, 2009 titled, "Transitioning to a post-peak oil world," featuring Transition US Board Member and Trainer, Michael Brownlee. (originial article)


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