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Transition in Oklahoma Gathering Steam

Here's an update from our Christine Patton of Transition Town OKC / Transition Oklahoma:

Ever since our training in Albuquerque, things seem to be gathering steam. Two weeks ago, several of our members met with a local former minister, Kyle Maxwell, now executive director of the statewide group Oklahoma Disciples Foundation, Inc., to brainstorm on the best ways to engage the faith-based community with Transition Town and "going local".

Transition Laguna Beach: ready, set, go!

Here's a lively update from Michele McCormick, Core Team Member of Transition Laguna Beach:

Transition Laguna Beach is off and running, in an organic way!

Core Team

Our core team has been meeting since November 2008! The group meets once a month.

Transition Boulder County featured on cnet

Article by Daniel Terdiman published on cnet news on June 24, 2009 titled, "Transitioning to a post-peak oil world," featuring Transition US Board Member and Trainer, Michael Brownlee. (originial article)


Not demonizing fossil fuel usage

The Transition Initiative: Changing the Scale of Change

Article by Jay Griffiths, "The Transition Initiative: Changing the scale of change," published in the July/August 2009 issue of Orion magazine. (original article)


A WHILE AGO, I heard an American scientist address an audience in Oxford, England, about his work on the climate crisis. He was precise, unemotional, rigorous, and impersonal: all strengths of a scientist.

Transition in the news | North Bay Bohemian

A recent article by Alastair Bland featuring Transition Sebastopol, the 9th Official US Transition Inititiative, "Cheer Up, It's Going to Get Worse: Transition communities gear up for society's collapse with a shovel and a smile," Thu, Jun 17, 2009 in the North Bay Bohemian (read online).

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