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Transition Santa Cruz in the News

Here's an excerpt from an article by Alastair Bland featuring Transition Santa Cruz, the 6th Official US Transition Inititiative, "Santa Cruz Group Gears Up for Life After Cheap Oil," published Thurs. June 18, 2009:

Letter from Bill McKibben of to the Transition Community

Dear friends in the Transition Movement:

As some of you know, I spend much of my time writing about the need to end global warming and help transform our planet to local economies. Therefore, of course, I’ve spent most of the last several months crisscrossing the globe by jet, which makes me a) a hypocrite, and b) tired. But I’ve done it because we’re trying desperately to organize a real grassroots global response to climate change—, with its global day of action on Oct. 24.

Transition Hohenwald: Rural Community Targets Energy Efficiency

By Jennifer Dauksha-English

The small town of Hohenwald Tennessee, population of around 4000 people, is taking small steps at greening up the community.  Since 2006 a group of dedicated volunteers have been hosting events building on Hohenwald’s efforts to make Lewis County greener, safer, and more economically viable.  This group, the Sonnenschein Green Initiative (SGI), focuses on proactively supporting local economic and community development strategies (LECD).

Welcome Sustainable Tucson Transition Initiative

Sustainable Tucson is the 29th official Transition Initiative in the US.

Sustainable Tucson (ST) is a non-profit, grass-roots organization whose vision is to build a sustainable and resilient region through awareness raising, community engagement, and strategic projects sponsored by public/private partnerships.

Welcome Transition West Marin

Transition West Marin is the 28th official Transition Initiative in the US.

Not actually a town, “West Marin” is an unincorporated, mainly rural area of western Marin County, California. Home to about 10,000 people, it encompasses 14 small villages, and stretches  40 miles from Muir Beach in the South, through the San Geronimo Valley and Point Reyes Station, to Tomales in the North.

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