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Transition Denver Civic Center Garden

Transition Denver, the Mile High Business Alliance, Denver Botanic Gardens and the Living Earth Center, among many other organizations, founded the Grow Local Colorado Campaign to promote local food production, with the goal of 2009 new gardens in 2009. A garden is defined as anywhere food is growing where it wasn’t growing before, like basil in a pot next to one’s sink, strawberries in a hanging basket on a balcony, or taking out part of one’s yard to grow vegetables.

Sustainable NE Seattle receives local "Hero Award"

A quick update from Sustainable NE Seattle:

In May, Sustainable NE Seattle was recognized by the local Wedgwood Community Council with their annual "Hero Award." The declaration stated:

In the past year, Sustainable NE Seattle has provided an excellent means for northeast Seattle residents who share a commitment to an ecologically and socially sustainable future to build community and work together at the local level.

Transition Movement featured in the Guardian's (UK) "A New Politics" series

Rob Hopkins and the Transition Towns movement are featured in this article in the Guardian's (UK) "A New Politics" series (May 31 2009).

Transition Oklahoma takes on the arts!

Here's a quick update from Shauna Struby of Transition Oklahoma / Transition Town OKC:

Four members of our group from Transition Oklahoma / Transition Town OKC are travelling to Albuquerque this weekend to participate in transition training taking place at the University of New Mexico. [see all upcoming trainings]

Watch the 'In Transition' Film

Here's an update from Rob Hopkins about the film 'In Transition':


Your Chance to See ‘In Transition’, the emerging plans for its release, as well as an appeal for help in finishing it…

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