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Support During Election Season

Aware that the current election season has added anxiety to many lives, we in Transition Venice/Mar Vista decided to hold an inner transition event to address this stress in a way that would be healing and not add to polarization. So at our monthly potluck, after the main dishes were cleared away at 8:30 pm, we invited all to participate in a one hour council circle.

Seeking Venue for 2017 Transition National Gathering

Greetings Transitioners!

As we celebrate 10 years of Transition US in 2017, it’s time for a Transition national gathering! We’re considering hosting our first national gathering during the summer or fall of 2017 and are looking for a venue that meets the following criteria – please contact us if you know of such a place:

·         Centrally located within continental US (Midwest/Central US)

·         Accessible by public transit (within 1 hour of a city/transportation hub)

REconomy Report Launch: 25 Enterprises that Build Resilience

We’re excited to share with you this new report featuring 25 enterprises from across the US that actually help make communities more resilient (rather than extracting wealth and resources), based on Transition Network’s REconomy framework for resilience-building enterprises!

Transition Asheville Celebrates 5 Years with a Skill Share Fair

By Dylan Ryals-Hamilton, Transition Asheville

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