Alastair Lough

Alastair Lough, and Patricia Proulx-Lough, were the first two official Transition Trainers in the US, and are pioneers of the Transition Movement in the US. Early in his career, Alastair served as a professional facilitator for Corning, assisting small workgroups in problem solving problems of their choosing. More recently, he has worked as a professional Hydrogeologist, addressing issues of groundwater remediation and water supply. In 2008, Alastair completed a doctorate in Natural Resources, in which he addressed issues of long-term water-resource conservation for the benefit of future populations. Keenly aware of climate change, peak oil and the possibility of economic crisis, he has since chosen to promote the Transition Model in the US and abroad as an innovative approach for communities to directly tackle these issues. Alastair is a permaculturist, a facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium and cofounder of the Transition Training Center in Portland ME.

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