Transition Leader Spotlight: Trathen Heckman – The Power of Small for Big Transformations

In a world on fire with multiple, epochal crises, how do we nurture hope, build power and contribute meaningfully? How do we catalyze and sustain the personal and collective transformations this immense planetary challenge calls for? Though the problems seem larger than life, our greatest power may in fact lie in our closest communities, in small daily acts of courage and conviction, in small groups of unstoppable world-changers, and small gardens that revitalize communities and reconnect us to nature’s operating instructions.

Former Transition US Board President, Trathen Heckman, delivered this talk at the 2020 Bioneers Conference.

A collection of media from the 2020 Bioneers Conference is also available online. Check out videos of all the amazing keynotes, transcripts from talks, and more at their website.