Transition Streets for Think Resilience participants


• Work with your neighbors

• Decrease your ecological footprint 

• Strengthen relationships 


In 2019 we are partnering with Post Carbon Institute to offer participants of their Think Resilience course free access to our Transition Streets curriculum and all of the supporting materials. 

Transition Streets is a project that combats climate change at a household level. A user-friendly handbook supports near-neighbors to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, conserve water, explore transportation options, and increase the percentage of food acquired from local sources. 

Visit the Transition Streets website for more complete information

OR go straight to this short submission form. If you do not have a group name then enter "Think Resilience" for your "Official Transition Initiative Name'. If you do have a group name, enter "Think Resilience" in the section asking you how you heard about Transition Streets. Upon completion of the form, you will have access to the 140-page Transition Streets Handbook and supporting materials.  


SAVE money, energy, and water. LIVE better, waste less. GROW food and community.

Bring Transition Streets to your neighborhood!

Watch this video to find out more about Transition Streets. 

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