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What is a "muller"?

In addition to the formally designated "official" Transition Initiatives, there are countless other communities involved in Transition work. “Mullers” are groups and individuals who are interested in actively using the Transition Model in their communities. If you’ve read the Primer and are “mulling over” whether you might set up an initiative in your locale please contact us! Mullers are located all around the country (and the world)!  Search for your location and see who's mulling near you.

Becoming a Transition Initiative

So you have learned a little (or a lot) about the challenges and opportunities of peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis and want to start a Transition Initiative in your community. Congratulations, you are embarking on a truly critical and exciting path.  Many initiatives have told us that they cherish their formal status, and are very proud of having reached that point.  By registering with Transition US you are also playing a critical role in allowing us to paint an accurate picture of the movement.  Below you will learn about how simple it is to apply for your "official" status.