An Evening with Vicki Robin - September 24, 2009

Transition US is pleased to be co-sponsoring this event, bringing Vicki Robin, Author of Your Money or Your Life to a northern California audience.

Transition - but how?
Insights and Advice from seasoned sustainability activist, and author Vicki Robin
We've heard the bad news. Peak oil, peak gas, peak water, peak everything. Climate Change. And as for the economic meltdown, we hear stories every day about people losing their jobs and pensions and savings.
What's the good news? Is it that Obama's on the job? That the economy is "coming back"? Or is it what you can do in your personal economy and what your community can do to transition to a way of life that's rich, secure and prosperous - no matter what happens "out there"?
You can take steps - remarkably adult ones, not just baby ones - towards anchoring sustainability in your daily life and towards preparing your community to weather the rapids of change. Hundreds of thousands of people and dozens of communities are living the future now - assessing their resources and making wise choices towards having enough of what we need over the long haul. You can evaluate your life choices - from what you eat for breakfast to how you talk to your neighbors to mapping the food assets in your community - to see what actions make the most sense and make you truly happy.
Vicki will share her wisdom based on her best selling book, Your Money or Your Life and her 2 years of work on Whidbey Island with Transition Whidbey and on her other social change endeavors including helping source the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium and Conversation Cafes and Sustainable Seattle.

Event details:
Thursday, September 24th
$10 donation requested

Petaluma Community Center
320 North McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, CA 94954

Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative
Transition US
Transition Cotati
Transition Sebastopol and others


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